JB Bickerstaff
Photo: Yahoo Sports

JB Bickerstaff intends to make the Cleveland Cavaliers a great destination for free agent players in the offseason.

The head coach of Cleveland wants to make the franchise’s culture positive again.

“I think it’s two-fold: I think there’s on-court and off-court. Off-court, the way we try to envision it is pretty simple. We want to make it a place that people want to stay and where people want to be.

So we’re trying to create that environment where everybody feels comfortable in their skin and they can just be who they are without any judgment.

You want a bunch of guys who have that grit and that toughness, but they also show their togetherness and they have each other’s back. And I think if you start with that.

When you have those two things, I think you give yourself an opportunity to win and you can be a really good basketball team for a long time,” Bickerstaff said per Cavs.com.