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Cavaliers’ head coach says Lauri Markkanen is more than a spot shooter

Cleveland Cavaliers acquired Lauri Markkanen via a sign-and-trade with the Chicago Bulls this past offseason. The Cavs' head coach J.B. Bickerstaff revealed he expects...
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J.B. Bickerstaff opens up about the status of Andre Drummond with the Cavs

J.B. Bickerstaff opened up about Andre Drummond and whether he will remain with the Cleveland Cavaliers next season. The head coach of the Cavs said...
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NBA analyst explains why there’s finally a “sense of optimism” for the Cavaliers

The Cleveland Cavaliers have many reasons to be optimistic for the next season, per ESPN's Bobby Marks. According to the former NBA executive, Cleveland...

Cavaliers’ guard Collin Sexton says the team was heading in the right direction before...

Collin Sexton talked on the possibility of this season's return, claiming that is very important for the Cleveland Cavaliers to play the remaining 17...
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JB Bickerstaff wants to make the Cleveland Cavaliers a great destination in free agency

JB Bickerstaff intends to make the Cleveland Cavaliers a great destination for free agent players in the offseason. The head coach of Cleveland wants to...
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JB Bickerstaff to reportedly take over the Cleveland Cavaliers

JB Bickerstaff is expected to become the new head coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN. Per Wojnarowski, Bickerstaff will take...
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The Cleveland Cavaliers hired JB Bickerstaff

The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed JB Bickerstaff to serve as an associate head coach under John Beilein. Former Memphis Grizzlies and Houston Rockets head coach...
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The Cavaliers to interview JB Bickerstaff and Alex Jensen

According to Marc Stein, the Cleveland Cavaliers will have an interview with former Grizzlies coach JB Bickerstaff and Jazz assistant coach Alex Jensen for...
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