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Yiannis Bouranis is a 27-year-old sports journalist, with a Master's degree in Sports Journalism from Sheffield Hallam University. Yiannis is TalkBasket's Chief Editor and has covered the EuroLeague Final Four three times as an accredited journalist (2017, 2018, 2019).
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2019 Basketball World Cup: Trophy Ceremony

Spain dominated Argentina (75-95) and returned to the top of the Basketball World Cup for the first time since 2006.

2019 Basketball World Cup: MVP and All-Star Five

Ricky Rubio was named the MVP of the 2019 Basketball World Cup, while he was also included in the All-Star Five.

Spain is the 2019 Basketball World Cup champion

Spain dominated Argentina from start to finish and became the 2019 Basketball World Cup champions (75-95). Spain made a...

Fifth medal for France in the last six European and international competitions

France claimed the third place in the Basketball World Cup and earned its fifth medal in the last six international competitions (no...

Jordi Bertomeu: “There have been no talks with FIBA for two months. I think we should start working again”

Jordi Bertomeu talked about the relationship with FIBA and the next steps that should be taken in the future.

Jonas Kazlauskas critical of FIBA Secretary General, Andreas Zagklis

Former Lithuania head coach Jonas Kazlauskas criticized FIBA Secreatry General Andreas Zagklis and the format of the Basketball World Cup.

France edges Australia; claims the bronze medal in the Basketball World Cup

France came back from a double-digit deficit and defeated Australia (67-59) to finish third in the 2019 Basketball World Cup.

Jimmer Fredette scores 31 points vs Unics Kazan

Jimmer Fredette was unstoppable offensively and led Panathinaikos past UNICS Kazan in a preparation game (94-76). Fredette scored a...

2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup Final: Argentina vs Spain – Preview

Argentina and Spain will face each other in the Final of the 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup, with their sights set on the title...

Michael Jordan reportedly agrees to sell ‘large piece’ of Charlotte Hornets

Per the Charlotte Observer and Yahoo Sports, Michael Jordan agreed to sell a “large piece” of the Charlotte Hornets to a pair...




Warriors’ Draymond Green working on his offensive game This past...

The Nets will give away 10,000 Kyrie jerseys when they host the Knicks

The Brooklyn Nets will be giving away...

2019 Basketball World Cup: Trophy Ceremony

Spain dominated Argentina (75-95) and returned to...