Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 2nd place) – KAE Panathinaikos Opap (3rd place) : 75-82  ( 0-3)

Quarters: 14-21, 36-40, 56-55, 75-82

Venue: Periteri Arena ( Andreas Papandreou)  

Referees: P. Anastopoulos – Psarianos – K. Poursanidis

MVP: Matt Lojeski 

Peristeri had a decent playing and the team, which coached by Argyris Pedoulakis, was overall competitive against Panathinaikos. The hosts was in the lead from the start ( 7-0), but Panathinaikos led by 7 points in the end of the first quarter ( 14-21). The team, which coached by Rick Pitino, was in front of 4 points at halftime ( 36-40), but Peristeri answered in the start of the third quarter ( 46-45) and the hosts remained as leaders in the end of the third quarter ( 56-55).  The score was so close, but Matt Lojeski made a great performance and had 14 points in the last 6 minutes ( 67-73). Finally, Panathinaikos won 75-82 over Peristeri and the Greens will take place in the Basketleague Finals.

KAE Panathinaikos Opap (3rd place) best players: Points: Matt Lojeski ( 22 points) , Rebound:  James Gist ( 9 rebounds) , Assist: Nick Calathes ( 10 assists)

 Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 2nd place) best players : best players : Points: Ben Bentil  ( 21  points) , Rebound: Ben Bentil   ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Zois Karambelas ( 10 assists)

Promitheas Patras ( 4th place) – AEK Athens ( 1st place): 70-54  ( 2-2)

Quarters: 19-14, 38-29, 51-44, 70-54

Venue: Dimitris Tofalos Arena

Referees: Papapetrou – Manos  – Psarianos

MVP: Terell Parks

Promitheas had a great game from the start. The hosts scored 8/9 2pointers in the first quarter and Aek tried to equalize the match. Promitheas was in the lead in the end of the first quarter ( 19-14). Terell Parks and Lypovy made a great and outstanding performance, especially in the second quarter. The hosts was in front of at hallftime ( 38-29).  Aek had a determination and the team, which coached by Lucas Banchi, had an aggressive mood. Sant-Roos scored a lot of points and the Cuban player was the main factor why Aek decrease the score ( 40-37). Promitheas with Gkikas mainly answered and the team from Patra led by 7 points in the end of the third quarter ( 51-44).  Aek was 7 minutes without score in the fourth quarter and Promitheas with Lypovy and Terell Parks scored a lot of points. Promitheas, finally won 70-54 against Aek Athens.  The game 5 will show us the second finalist between Aek Athens and Promitheas Patras after Panathinaikos for the Basketleague Finals. 

Promitheas Patras ( 4th place) best players : Points: Terell Parks  ( 16 points) , Rebound: Christos Saloustros ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Terell Parks   ( 3 assists)

 AEK Athens ( 1st place) best players  : Points: Jordan Theodore ( 12 points) , Rebound:   Vince Hunter ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Jordan Theodore ( 4 assists)