Aris Thessaloniki (13th place) –  Peristeri Winmasters (3rd place): 72-59

Quarters: 19-14, 39-35, 58-48, 72-59

Venue: Nick Galis Hall (Alexandreio Melathron)

Referees: Papapetrou-Tzafleris-Pafilis

MVP: Eleutherios Bochoridis

Aris hosted Peristeri for the eighth gameweek. The two teams were very competitive from the start. Bochoridis was the key factor for Aris Thessaloniki. He scored over 10 points in the first six minutes.

Moreira also had a good performance for the visitors. He scored eight points with miss-match situations and was very powerful on the court. Peristeri was in front (10-13), but the hosts went on a 9-1 run and took the lead (19-14).

Aris retained the lead with eight consecutive points in the start of the second quarter (27-19). But, Peristeri with three-pointers from Hutcher and Blake tied the match (27-27). Sidiroilias scored a lay-up and made the halftime score (39-35).

Bochoridis was the leader of Aris Thessalonikis and scored many points. That’s why the gap of the two teams increased.

The team, which coached by Ilias Zouros, had 1/8 three-pointers in the third quarter. Slaftsakis scored four consecutive points and increased the margin between the wo teams (58-48). 

Both teams made many mistakes in the fourth quarter. The visitors missed many shots and the loss was inevitable. Finally, Aris Thessaloniki won 72-59 over Peristeri.

Aris Thessalonikis (13th place) best players: Points: Eleutherios Bochoridis (27 points) , Rebounds: Milan Milocevic (11 rebounds), Assists: Vladimir Dragisevic (four assists)

Periteri Winmasters (3rd place) best players: Points: Bryon Blake (10 points), Rebounds: Yannick Moreira (five rebounds), Assists: Vasilis Xanthopoulos (three assists)

Aris Thessaloniki (13th place) will travel to Crete to play against Rethymno Cretan Kings, whereas Peristeri Winmasters will face Larisa at home in the 9th gameweek.

Lavrio Megabolt ( 4th place)- AEK Athens (7th place): 60-73

Quarters: 12-16, 26-37, 38-50, 60-73

Venue: Lavrio Indoor Hall

Referees:P. Anastopoulos- Mpitis- A.Anastopoulos

MVP:Keith Langford

Low score in the first quarter. Lavrio had 0/3 pointers and AEK had 0/5 three-pointers, too, in the first ten minutes. AEK solved the problem with Keith Langford. He scored eight points and was very significant overall in the match.

Tyrone Outlaw with two three-pointers helped Lavrio stay close. The visitors were in front at the end of the first quarter (12-16).

Kyle Alman helped Lavrio tie the match (23-23). The two teams were close to the score. But, Langford had 12 consecutive points and the team, which coached by Papatheodorou, led by 11 points at halftime. 

Langford kept this pace and scored more and more points for the visitors. The team, which coached by Serelis, answered with a 5-0 run. But, AEK scored seven straight points at the end of the half. The visitors led by 12 points at the end of the third quarter (60-73).

The hosts were very competitive, because they reduced the gap, thanks to a 6-0 run. But, two three-pointers by Maciulis and Giannopoulos were very decisive for the match. The visitors finally won over Lavrio (60-73).

Lavrio Megabolt ( 4th place) best players: Points: Kyle Alman Jr (17 points), Rebounds: Quenton DeCosey (eight rebounds), Assists: Quenton DeCosey (three assists)

AEK Athens (7th place) best players: Points: Keith Langford  (33 points), Rebounds: Howard Sant-Roos (eight rebounds), Assists: Keith Langford  (five assists)

Lavrio Megabolt (fourth place) will face Iraklis Thessaloniki on the road on the 30th of November, whereas AEK Athens will host Promitheas Patras for the 9th gameweek.

Paok (9th place) – Rethmyno Cretan Kings (14th place): 78-56

Quarters: 33-8, 45-30, 62-47, 78-56

Venue: Paok Sports Arena

Referees: Karakatsounis-Andrikopoulos- Kaldiris

MVP: Antwaine Wiggins

Paok was decisive and powerful from the start. They outscored their opponents 22-0 in the first five minutes. The team, which coached by Kostas Flevarakis, led by 25 points in the first quarter (33-8).

Rethymno players made a great attempt to decrease the gap. The Cretans went on a 7-22 run and reduced the margin (40-30). In the last minutes, PAOK went on a 5-0 run and the hosts led by 15 points at halftime.

Rethymno didn’t give up. They tried a lot to reduce the gap. But, PAOK played well too. Wiggins was so important for PAOK, especially his points in the third quarter. The team from Thessaloniki was in front at the end of the third quarter (62-47).

The game was over and in the fourth quarter Flevarakis gave more playing time to the bench players. PAOK will soon play his next Basketball Champions League game. Finally, the hosts won 78-56 over Rethymno Cretan Kings.

 Paok (9th place)  best players : Points: Antwaine Wiggins ( 17 points) , Rebound: Antwaine Wiggins  ( 12 rebounds) , Assist: JeQuan Lewis ( 5 assists)

Rethmyno Cretan Kings (14th place)  best players: Points: Conor Francapt (  18 points) , Rebound: Davud Haughton ( 7 rebounds) , Assist:Conor Francapt (  6 assists)

Paok (9th place) will come across Panionios Su Casa B.C. on the road and Rethmyno Cretan Kings (14th place) will host Aris Thessalonikis for the 9th gameweek.

Promitheas Patras (1st place)– Panionios Su Casa B.C. (10th place): 87-76

Quarters:15-19, 41-35, 69-58, 87-76

Venue: Dimitris Tofalos Arena

Referees: G.Poursanidis- Stamatopoulos-Tziopanos

MVP: Langston Hall

Panionios impressed in the first quarter. The team from Nea Smyrni, Athens led by four points at the end of the first quarter. But, Promitheas answered very quickly in the second quarter. The team from Patras led by six points at halftime.

Langston Hall and Octavius Ellis scored many points and were very significant for the hosts. Promitheas missed many shots from the three-point line (5/21) and Panionios had 14 points in transition.

Panionios regained the lead four minutes after the third quarter started. Lampropoulos, Petrovic and Verginis made a great job and the visitors were very competitive.

But, Promitheas took the lead again, thanks to (mainly) Hall’s points. Robinson scored back-to-back and the hosts led by 11 points at the end of the third quarter (69-58). 

Finally, the team, which coached by Makis Giatras, won over Panionios (97-76).

Promitheas Patras (1st place) best players : Points: Langstal Hall ( 23 points) , Rebound: Octavius Ellis ( 14 rebounds) , Assist: Langstal Hall ( 7 assists)

Panionios Su Casa B.C. (10th place)  best players: Points: Samardo Samuels ( 19 points) , Rebound:  Samardo Samuels ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Rickey McGill ( 5 assists)

Promitheas Patras (1st place) will travel to Athens to face AEK Athens, whereas Panionios Su Casa B.C. will host PAOK for the 9th gameweek.