Iraklis Thessalonikis (9th place)- Promitheas Patras (2nd place): 70-72

Quarters: 23-21, 39-40, 51-55, 70-72

Venue: Ivanofeio Sports Arena

Referees: Papapetrou-Psarianos-Zacharis

MVP: Dimitris Agravanis

Iraklis hosted Promitheas Patras for the 11th gameweek. The hosts played very well and they scored many points in the first quarter. Hanlan had 10 points in the first 10 minutes and Iraklis led by 2 points (23-21). Agravanis and Octavius Ellis made an outstanding performance mainly in second quarter. The team, which coached by Makis Giatras, took the lead (35-39) and a 3-pointer of Zaras made the halftime score (39-40).

Agravanis remained as the best player of Promitheas in the third quarter and was the man who scored the memorable 3-pointer (46-54) six minutes after the start of the third quarter. The visitors kept the lead in the end of the third quarter (51-55). 3 minutes after the start of the fourth quarter Bamb fired a significant 3-pointer (58-62). But, Iraklis was there and the hosts made a great attempt to tie the match. The team, which coached by Kastritis, took the lead with the free throws of Teddy Okereafor (64-62). Promitheas answered with Kaselakis (70-70) who gave his team the victory (70-72).

Iraklis Thessalonikis (9th place) best players : Points: Olivier Hanlan (21 points) , Rebound: Alex Davis (7 rebounds) , Assist: Jamal Shuler (5 assists)

Promitheas Patras (2nd place) best players: Points: Dimitris Agravanis  (18 points) , Rebound: Octavius Ellis  (9 rebounds) , Assist: Dimitris Katsivelis (4 assists)

Iraklis Thessalonikis (9th place) will travel to Limnos to play against Hfaistos Limnou, whereas Promitheas Patras will face Paok Thessalonikis on the road in 12th gameweek.

Lavrio Megabolt (5th place) – Paok ( 12th place): 92-88

Quarters: 22-13, 43-37, 65-55, 92-88

Venue: Lavrio Indoor Hall

Referees: Anastopoulos- Kaldiris- Ant. Anastopoulos

MVP: Quenton DeCosey

From the beginning Lavrio played better than PAOK. Most of the points scored from the frontline. The hosts, with DeCosey’s points mainly, were in front by eight (16-8). The team, which coached by Kostas Charalambidis, missed many 3-pointers and the forwards were the key players of the team. The hosts led by 9 points at the end of the first quarter. Knowles and Sarikopoulos made a great attempt to tie the match. That’s why PAOK stayed close to the score at halftime (43-37). 

DeCosey was the key player of Lavrio and the team, which coached by Christos Serelis, kept the leading score at the end of the third quarter (65-55). PAOK tried a lot to tie the match in the first minutes of the fourth quarter. The two 3-pointers helped the visitors decrease the margin (71-67). But, Lavrio went on a 6-0 run (78-67). Also PAOK had the momentum of the match in the last minutes. The hosts needed to score all free throws they had to win the match (92-88).

Lavrio Megabolt (5th place) best players : Points: Quenton DeCosey (22 points) , Rebound: Quenton DeCosey ( 5 rebounds) , Assist: Quenton DeCosey (7 assists)

PAOK (12th place) best players: Points: Adam Smith (24 points) , Rebound: Zane Knowles (11 rebounds) , Assist: JeQuan Lewis (6 assists)

Lavrio Megabolt will face Aris Thessalonikis on the road on the 21st of December, whereas Paok will host Promitheas Patras for thr 12th gameweek.

Panionios Su Casa ( 8th place)– Larisa (13th place): 74-71

Quarters: 21-16. 37-35, 64-48, 74-71

Venue: Sofia Befon Indoor Hall

Referees: Schinas-Mpitis- Pantelidis

MVP:  Dimitris Verginis

Panionios hosted Larisa for the 11th gameweek. The team from Nea Smyrni, Athens was 7 points in front of in the first 5 minutes (13-6). They had 8/14 free throws in the first quarter! Larisa had only 1/2 free throws in the same time. Panionios led by 5 points in the first quarter (21-16). In the second quarter, Brandon Rush was the main factor why Larisa was stayed only two points far from Panionios at halftime (37-35).

Panionios was so decisive in the third quarter. The hosts made an outstanding performance in the third part of the game. Verginis and Petrovic scored many times and helped Panionios lead by 16 points in the end of the third quarter (64-48). The twin Hickey- Berhanemeskel played well in the fourth quarter. Larisa tried to tie the match (66-61) and Panionios scored only 2 points in the first six minutes. The team, which coached by Gavriil, ruin the performance of the third quarter. Harris missed a 3-pointer in the last minutes and missed the opportunity to tie the match. Panionios finally won Lavrio (74-71).

Panionios Su Casa (8th place) best players : Points: Dimitris Verginis (19 points) , Rebound: Samardo Samuels (8 rebounds) , Assist: Rickey McGill (6 assists)

Larisa (13th place) best players: Points: Johnny Berhanemeskel (17 points) , Rebound: Darnel Harris (10 rebounds) , Assist: Anthony Hickey (5 assists)

Panionios Su Casa ( 8th place) will come across Ionikos Nikaias Affidea on the road, whereas Larisa (13th place) will travel to Thessaloniki in order to face Aris Thessalonikis for the 12th gameweek.