Larisa (14th place) – AEK Athens (4th place): 76-86

Quarters: 9-24, 33-48, 53-68, 76-86

Venue: Larisa Neapolis Indoor Arena

Referees: G.Poursanidis- Mpikas- Skoutas

MVP: Keith Langford

Larisa hosted AEK Athens for the 12th gameweek. The team from Athens scored a lot of points from the first minutes. The yellows increased the margin very early. Keith Langford and Charis Giannopoulos were the best players and they made a great attempt. AEK led by 15 points at the end of the first quarter (9-24). Larisa answered with 3-pointers from Anthony Hickey and Johnhy Berhameneskel. Terell Parks was excellent as center especially in the second quarter. AEK, with extraordinary numbers (11/16 2-pointers  8/17 3-pointers) and great tactics (pick and roll), remained as leaders at halftime (33-48).

AEK had the momentum of the game and the team, which coached by Ilias Papatheodorou, led by 20 points in the first minutes of the third quarter. Although Larisa made a great attempt to tie the score, AEK led by 15 points at the end of the third quarter (53-68). Larisa kept its pace and the hosts had, in the fourth quarter, the momentum. The team, which coached by Vaggelis Aggelou, with Antony Hickey’s shot, was only 4 points away from the lead. Keith Langford’s free throws and 2 3=pointers from Howard Sant-Roos made the final score (76-86).

 Larisa (14th place) best players : Points: Terell Parks ( 21 points) , Rebound: Terell Parks ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Anthony Hickey  ( 5 assists)

AEK Athens (4th place) best players: Points: Keith Langford  ( 20 points) , Rebound: Linos Chrisikopoulos  ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Howard Sant-Roos ( 7 assists)

Larisa (14th place) will travel to South Attica to play against Lavrio Megabolt, whereas AEK Athens (4th place) will face Ionikos Nikaias Affidea at home in 13th gameweek.

PAOK ( 12th place) – Promitheas Patras (2nd place): 86-90

Quarters: 20-17, 46-32, 58-56, 76-76, 86-90 extra time

Venue: PAOK Sports Arena ( Palataki)

Referees: Tsaroucha- Manglogiannis- Pafilis

MVP: Chase Fieler

PAOK had a great start mainly with Adam Smith. Promitheas guards scored a lot of lay ups because the hosts had many problems in defense. The team, which coached by Kostas Charalambidis, led by 3 points at the end of the first quarter (20-17). PAOK played well and kept this tempo. Promitheas wasn’t good in the second quarter. Zane Knowls took all the rebounds and Adam Smith scored 14 points. The hosts led by 14 points at halftime (46-32).

Promitheas woke up after halftime and the visitors scored many points. Makis Giatras had the excellent idea to play with many guards. 2 minutes before the end of the third quarter the dunk of Octavius Ellis gave Promitheas the leading score (52-54). PAOK answered and the hosts retained the lead at the end of the third quarter ( 58-56).

The two teams were very competitive and the match was derby. Promitheas led by 6 points 2 minutes before the final whistle. PAOK tried to be the winner, but Adam Smith scored only one free throw. The two needed extra time.

The visitors were calm and competitive. Chase Fieler helped Promitheas lead with 8 points (78-86). PAOK didn’t give up and the visitors were near to tie the score (86-88). The two free throw of Jerald Robinson made the final score (86-90). Promitheas won and the team from Patra got another notable win in Thessaloniki.

 Paok ( 12th place) best players : Points: Adam Smith ( 15 points) , Rebound: Zane Knowles ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Apollon Tsochlas ( 5 assists)

Promitheas Patras (2nd place) best players: Points: Chase Fieler ( 27 points) , Rebound: Leonidas Kaselakis  ( 9 rebounds) , Assist: Langstall Hall ( 10 assists)

PAOK ( 12th place) will face Iraklis Thessalonikis, whereas Promitheas Patras will play against Aris Thessalonikis at home in 12th gameweek.