Aris Thessalonikis (11th place) – Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels ( 8th place): 85-87

Quarters: 19-18, 29-36, 49-50, 71-71 , 77-77  extra time (1) , 85-87 extra time (2)

Venue: Alexandreion Melathron ( Nick Galis Hall)

Referees: Papapetrou-Stamaatopoulos-Tsafleris

MVP: Tyrone Brazelton

Aris made an impressive start in the game ( 8-3) 3pointers of Flionis and Gecevicius gave to the hosts the lead. But Kolossos had 0-11 in a row with 3pointers of Kroma and Brusevic ( 8-14). Aris answered quickly and the hosts regained the lead. Aris led by 1 point in the end of the first quarter ( 19-18).

Kolossos Rhodes was better than Aris Thessalonikis at halftime. Tyrone Brazelton helped the visitors to take the lead again. The team which coached by Aris Lykogiannis was in the lead at halftime ( 29-36).

Kolossos kept the pace ( 35-40) but Aris Thessalonikis tried to equalise the match. Gecevicius and Morris scored a lot of points and they gave the hosts fresh air at 43-42. There are a lot of score changes and finally Kolossos remained as leader by 1 point ( 49-50) in the end of the third quarter.

Aris was decisive in the fourth quarter and the hosts made a quicky 8-0 in a row ( 57-50). Gecevicius had a great performance and he was the key factor why Aris was 7 points in front ( 65-58). The visitors with Daniels and Tountsiarakis reduce the gap and Brazelton gave to the Rhodians the lead ( 70-71). Dragisevic was there and with a free throw equalised and send the match in extra time ( 71-71).

The team which coached by Soulis Markopoulos regained the lead. Morris scored many points especially in the first extra time. But Brazelton helped Kolossos Rhodes to tie the game agian ( 77-77). In the second extra time Brazelton hit a three pointer ( 79-82), but Aris made an 6-0 in a row ( 85-82) . Kolossos Rhodes got the ball back with 11,1 seconds left. Jackson fired an incredible 3 pointer  to seal his team’s unbelievable win. 

Aris Thessalonikis (11th place) best players : Points: Jaylen Morris  ( 20 points) , Rebound: Jaylen Morris ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Gary Talton (6 assists)

Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels ( 8th place) best players: Points: Tyrone Brazelton ( 18 points) , Rebound: Danny Agbelese  ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Tyrone Brazelton ( 6 assists)

Aris Thessalonikis (11th place) will travel to Myrina Limnos to play against Hfaistos Limnou, whereas Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels ( 8th place) will face Larisa at home in the 7th gameweek.

Aek Athens ( 14th place) – Panionios Su Casa B.C. ( 9th place): 91-61

Quarters: 24-11, 53-31, 72-50, 91-61

Venue: OAKA Indoor Hall

Referees: Schinas-Diamantis-Panagiotou

MVP: Charis Giannopoulos

Aek lost many games and the team from Athens was in the last place before this game. hosts had an 8-0 in a row in the first minutes ( 12-4). Samuels and Lambropoulos reduce the gap fot the visitors ( 12-9).  Although Aek kept the pace and scored a lot of points, but Panionios made 7 mistakes. The team which coached by Ilias Papatheodorou was 13 points in the lead in the end of the first quarter( 24-11).

Aek then had a success inside. Panionios wasn’t good and the hosts appeared to be pulling away at 34-12. Aek led by 22 points at halftime ( 53-31). The visitors didin’t waste their time and in the first minutes of the third quarter they tried to equalise the match ( 58-45). Panionios had an 2-10 in a row. Aek managed the match well and they stayed in the lead in the end of the third quarter ( 72-50). 

The game was over. In the fourth quarter Aek stayed in the lead and finally the team from Athens won Panionios with 30 points ( 91-61).

Aek Athens ( 14th place) best players : Points: Charis Giannopoulos  ( 17  points) , Rebound: Dimitris Kaklamanakis ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Nikos Gkikas ( 4assists)

Panionios Su Casa B.C. ( 9th place) best players: Points: Fotis Lambropoulos ( 19 points) , Rebound: Fotis Lambropoulos ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Rickey McGill ( 4 assists)

Aek Athens ( 14th place) will face Iraklis Thessalonikis on the road on the 16th of November, whereas Panionios Su Casa B.C. ( 9th place) will host Lavrio Megabolt at home for the 7th gameweek.

Promitheas Patras (3rd place) – Peristeri Winmasters ( 2nd place): 64-60

Quarters: 19-16, 38-38, 46-47, 64-60

Venue: Dimitris Tofalos Arena

Referees: Karakatsounis- G. Poursanidis- Psarianos

MVP: Gerald  Robinson

Promitheas missed many 3points shots in the first minutes. The hosts had 1/6 3pointers and the visitors was in the lead (3-7). Promitheas answered with a 3pointers from Hall and Filer(11-9). Lypovy helped Patras team too. In the end of the first quarter the hosts led by 3points ( 19-16).

The teams was so close but Robinson from Promitheas scored 5 points in a row (32-37). Peristeri regained with 6 concecutive points ( 32-33). Both the two teams missed many shots in the second quarter. At halftime nobody was in the lead (38-38).

The two teams missed many shots again in the third quarter. The total score of the quarter was 8-9. (4848) The visitors were very competitive and they needed to win. But Bamb with a 3pointer equalised the match (56-56). Althoygh Gray with free throws gave the lead to Ilias Zouros team, but the hosts answered and finally won the match ( 64-60).

Promitheas Patras (3rd place) best players : Points:  Gerald  Robinson ( 16  points) , Rebound: Octavius Ellis ( 9 rebounds) , Assist: Langstall Hall ( 6 assists)

Peristeri Winmasters ( 2nd place) best players: Points: William Hutcher  ( 11 points) , Rebound: Moses Kingsley  ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: William Hutcher ( 4 assists)

Promitheas Patras (3rd place) will come across Rethymno Cretan Kings on the road and Peristeri Winmasters ( 2nd place) will face Paok at home for the 7th gameweek.

Paok ( 10th place) – Hfaistos Limnou ( 5th place): 94-74

Quarters: 25-17, 48-38, 75-54, 94-74

Venue: Paok Sports Arena ( Palataki)

Referees: Manos-Kaldiris-Ksenikakis

MVP: JeQuan Lewis

Hfaistos Limnou travelled to Thessaloniki to play against Paok. The team which coached by Manolopoulos was the best in the court only fot the 6 first minutes. The team from Limnos had a lot of problems in defence and they made many mistakes. Paok was better overall and the hosts were in the lead in the end of the first quarter ( 25-17).

Coach Kostas Charalambidis gave to the hosts new air and new motives. Paok had 7/12 3 pointers and led by 10 and 21 points at halftime and in the end of the third quarter respectively. The game was over, because Hfaistos Limnou wasn’t good. Finally the hosts won Hfaistos Limnou over 20 points ( 94-74).

Paok ( 10th place)  best players : Points: JeQuan Lewis ( 23  points) , Rebound: Zane Knowles ( 9 rebounds) , Assist: Adam Smith ( 6 assists)

Hfaistos Limnou ( 5th place) best players: Points: Mario Little ( 21 points) , Rebound: Sean Evans ( 9 rebounds) , Assist: Mixalis Tsairelis (3 assists)

Paok ( 10th place) will travel to Athens to come across Peristeri on the road and Hfaistos Limnou will host Aris Thessalonikis for the 7th gameweek.

Lavrio Megabolt (4th place) – Rethymno Cretan Kings ( 13th place): 86-78

Quarters: 19-24, 48-43, 71-66, 86-78

Venue: Lavrio Indoor Hall

Referees: Somos- Mpitis- Lortos

MVP: Quenton DeCosey

Lavrio won over Rethymno Cretan Kings (86-78) and they raised its record to 4-2. The visitors were better in thre first quarter. Francapt was the best player of the Cretans. Rethymno led by 5 points in the end of the first quarter ( 19-24). But Serelis changes were significant and very important for Lavrio. The hosts managed to cut into the lead with a layup from Alman making it 39-36. Serelis team kept this pace and they led by 5 points at halftime ( 48-43).

Lavrio was better in the third quarter and the hosts increased the margin ( 71-55). But Rethymno had an 0-11 in a row and they decresed the gap ( 71-66). Francamp was very good especially in the fourth quarter and Lavrio led by only 2 points (79-77) 2 minutes before the end of the game.  Finally Lavrio won Rethymno (86-78) .

Lavrio Megabolt (4th place) best players : Points: Quenton DeCosey   ( 20 points) , Rebound: Quenton DeCosey ( 3 rebounds) , Assist: Quenton DeCosey ( 4 assists)

Rethymno Cretan Kings ( 13th place) best players: Points: Coner Francapt  ( 26 points) , Rebound: Ramon Harris ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Wesley Gordon  ( 5 assists)

Lavrio Megabolt (4th place) will face Panionios on the road, whereas Rethymno Cretan Kings will host Promitheas Patras for the 7th gameweek.