Aris Thessalonikis (14th place)– Iraklis (9th place): 69-63

Quarters: 9-18, 29-32, 51-42, 69-63

Venue: Nick Galis Hall ( Alexandreion Melathron)

Referees: G. Poursanidis – Tsaroucha – Manglogiannis

MVP: Ken Brown

Aris hosted Iraklis for the 15th gameweek. The visitors scored 3/5 3pointers in the first quarter. Aris missed many shots and the nervousness was obvious. The team which coached by Kastritis led by 9 points in the end of the first quarter (9-18). But Kamberidis players fueled a 11-0 run that Bochoridis capped with a driving layup. The 3pointers were the key factor why Iraklis was leading in the score. Alhtough Ken Brown and Bochoridis scored a lot of points in transition, but the visitors remained as leaders at halftime ( 29-32).

Iraklis scored 6 points with Kavvadas and Davis in the first minutes of the third quarter. Also Bochoridis with 16 points and Morris with 8 were threaten for the visitors, giving Aris its first lead after 26 minutes ( 42-41). In addition Kastritis team made a lot of mistakes ( 11) and the hosts took this opportunity and they had scored 13 concecutive points. ( 49-41). Brown had a great performance and he helped a lot Aris Thessalonikis especially in this period. Aris continued to score points and Kamberidis team had 17-1 in a row. The yellows led by 9 points in the end of the third quarter ( 51-42).

The visitors tried to equalise the match mainly with 3pointers of Zaras and the attempts of Kavvadas. Iraklis was only 2 points away from Aris, 2 minutes before the final whistle. Dragisevic scored 2 concecutive 3pointers and Aris Thessalonikis finally won Iraklis ( 69-63).

Aris Thessalonikis (14th place)  best players : Points: Lefteris Bochoridis ( 16 points) , Rebound: Jaylen Morris ( 10 rebounds) , Assist: Jaylen Morris  ( 4 assists)

 Iraklis (9th place) best players: Points: Olivier Hanlan ( 16 points) , Rebound: Vasilis Kavvadas ( 12 rebounds) , Assist: Olivier Hanlan ( 5 assists)

Aris Thessalonikis (14th place) will host Larisa next week, whereas Iraklis will travel to Crete to play against Rethymno Cretan Kings in 16th gameweek.

Kolossos H Hotels (12th place)- AEK Athens ( 2nd place): 70-79

Quarters: 16-18, 33-39, 52-58, 70-79

Venue: Kallithea Palais des Sports

Referees: Papapetrou- Simeonidis- Stamatopoulos

MVP: Keith Langford

Aek travelled to Rhodes in order to face Kolossos H Hotels for the 15th gameweek. Langford was on fire from the first minutes and AEK led by 9 points (3-12). But the hosts scored many points and tried to equalise the score. The yellows led by 2 points in the end of the first quarter (16-18). 

The team which coached by Ilias Papatheodorou remained as leaders in the start of the second quarter . Giannopoulos had 5 concecutive points in the first minutes of the second period ( 21-30). But Kolossos got even hotter with 10-2 in a row (31-32). Gkikas was key player for the visitors and AEK led 33-39 at halftime.

Gkikas and Rongavopoulos were very important for AEK in the start of the third quarter ( 42-50). In addition the visitors led by 11 points after 26 minutes. Toutziarakis and Griffin helped Kollosos to reduce the gap. The hosts were only 6 points away in the end of the third quarter. 

In the start of the fourth quarter Jackson and Toutziarakis equalise the score (65-65). Furthermore, Langford and Giannopoulos scored a three-point play to give the visitors a 68-72 edge going into the last minutes. AEK finally won Kolossos H Hotels with 70-79 and the team which coached by Ilias Papatheodorou remained in the second place of Greek championship.

 Kolossos H Hotels (12th place) best players : Points: Lasan Kromah ( 17 points) , Rebound: Danny Agbelese ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Dimitris Moraitis ( 5 assists)

AEK Athens (4th place) best players: Points: Keith Langford  ( 20 points) , Rebound: Marcus Slaughter ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Nikos Gkikas ( 6 assists)

Kolossos H Hotels will travel to South Attica to play against Lavrio Megabolt, whereas AEK Athens will play against Hfaistos Limnou at home in 16th gameweek.