Quarters: 19-20, 39-30, 62-60, 79-79 , 90-91 ( extra time)

AEK Athens ( 12th place)  – Peristeri Winmasters (2nd place): 90-91

Venue: OAKA Indoor Hall

Referees: Tsaroucha-Kaldiris-Malamas

MVP: Steven Gray

AEK hosted Peristeri for the fourth gameweek of Basketleague. The two teams were not good in the first minutes. Peristeri was in front (7-10), but Mavroeidis, Langford and Toliopoulos each scored points and they gave AEK the lead. Hutcher rescued the visitors with his points that gave Peristeri a 16-20 edge. A 3-pointer from Langford helped AEK stay close (19-20). Peristeri kept the leading score in the start of the second quarter 21-26), but the points of Rey and Langford and the 3-pointers from Maciulis, Gkikas and Giannopoulos helped AEK take the lead again (39-29). Morison with one free throw made the halftime score (39-30).

Peristeri was decisive mainly in the third quarter. The visitors had an 11-0 in a row (39-41). Although AEK answered and took again the lead (55-47), the team, which coached by Zouros, tied the game (60-60). Rey scored and the hosts led by 2 points at the end of the third quarter. The two teams made a lot of mistakes in the 4th quarter. Although Chrysikopoulos and Gkikas scored for AEK (77-72), but Hutcher and Grey answered for Peristeri ( 79-79). The visitors equalized the score and forced an overtime.

The match was thriller. In the extra time there were a lot of score changes in the lead. Maciulis helped AEK take the lead (84-86), but Hutcher and Moses gave the lead to Peristeri. In the last minutes, Langford, with a free throw, made the 90-89, but Smith scored and helped Peristeri win 90-91 over AEK Athens.

What an amazing game. Maybe this game was the best so far.

AEK Athens ( 6th place) best players : Points: Keith Langford  ( 21 points) , Rebound:Keith Langford  ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Kendrick Rey ( 6 assists)

Peristeri Winmasters ( 2nd place) : Points:  Steven Gray ( 26 points) , Rebound: Moses Kingsley ( 12 rebounds) , Assist: William Hutcher ( 4 assists)

Peristeri Winmasters  will play against Lavrio Megabolt next week , whereas Aek Athens will face Rethymno Cretan Kings on the road in the 5th gameweek.

Aris Thessalonikis ( 9th place) – Ionikos Nikaias Affidea ( 7th place) : 72-77

Quarters:21-24, 44-43, 60-61, 72-77

Venue: Alexandrio Melathron

Referees: Manos- Diamantis- Stamatopoulos

MVP: Steve Burtt Jr

Aris had many injury problems. Bochoridis and Morris were out because they were injured. Aris led by 13-9. Dragisevic and Milosevic helped the hosts take the lead. But Ionikos answered and the team which coached by Nikos Vetoulas led by 3 in the end of the first quarter (21-24). Ionikos kept the lead (23-29) in the start of the second quarter. 

Steve Burtt scored a lot of points in this period. But, coach Soulis Markopoulos used a lot of guards and they scored a lot of points. Also the players of the hosts found a lot of points in transition. Aris went on a 13-0 run (36-29). Mavrokefalidis and Bartt decreased the score for the visitors (40-39). But Aris Thessalonikis was in the lead at halftime (44-43).

Bartt and Mavrokefalidis continued to score a lot of points and they gave the visitors the lead (45-50). Aris scored two 3-pointers from Flionis and one 3-pointer from Gecevicius. These 9 points were so significant for the team, which coached by Soulis Markopoulos (55-54). Aris stayed in the lead in the end of the third quarter (60-61).

Vasilis Charalampopoulos was the key factor why Ionikos won the match. He scored 7 consecutive points in the start of the fourth quarter (62-69). Talton and Slaftsakis made an attempt to equalize the score (71-75), but Ionikos finally won 72-77.

Aris Thessalonikis ( 9th place) best players : Points: Vladimir Dragisevic ( 17 points) , Rebound: Milan Milocevic  ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Martinas Gecevicius (  6 assists)

Ionikos Nikaias Affidea ( 7th place): Points: Steve Burtt Jr  ( 24 points) , Rebound: Loukas Mavrokefalidis ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Jamal Jones ( 3 assists)

Aris Thessalonikis ( 9th place) will host Panathinaikos KAE at home next week, whereas Ionikos Nikaias Affidea will face at home Larisa in the 5th gameweek.

Promitheas Patras ( 6th place) – Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels ( 11th place): 81-80

Quarters:21-17, 39-45, 58-64, 81-80.

Venue: Dimitris Tofalos Arena

Referees: Mpitis- Anastopoulos- Pagonis

MVP: Chris Babb   

Kolossos scored a lot of 3-pointers in the first minutes. Brazelton and Jackson helped the visitors lead (12-15). But, Promitheas Patras answered with a 9-0 in a row. Kaselakis scored and the hosts led by 4 points (21-17) at the end of the first quarter. Octavius Ellis shot increased the score (23-17), but Kolossos Rhodes took the lead (31-38). The team, which coached by Aris Lykogianni, led by 6 points at halftime (39-45).

Jackson with 14 points was decisive for Kolossos Rhodes. The visitors were in the lead at the end of the third quarter (58-64). Promitheas made a come back with a 20-6 run. The team from Patras was in the lead (78-70). Kolossos Rhodes reacted and the visitors had a 7-0 run of their own (78-77). Hall and Bamb with free throws helped Promitheas retain the lead (81-80) and the hosts finally won.

Promitheas Patras ( 6th place) best players : Points: Chris Babb  ( 22  points) , Rebound: Oleksander Lypovy  ( 6  rebounds) , Assist: Langstall Hall  (  7  assists)

Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels ( 11th place): Points:  Donovan Jackson ( 22  points) , Rebound: Danny Agbelese ( 7  rebounds) , Assist: Dimitris Moraitis  ( 8 assists )

Promitheas Patras (6th place) will face Ifaistos Limnou on the road next week, whereas Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels will host PAOK in the 5th gameweek.