Photo: NBA/YouTube

Amidst the Los Angeles Clippers’ commanding victory over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 1 of the postseason, Daniel Gafford, the Mavericks’ center, expressed his frustrations regarding his performance.

Gafford, who joined the Mavericks at the trade deadline from the Washington Wizards, found himself struggling to make an impact, tallying just three points in 14 minutes despite starting the game.

Acknowledging his shortcomings, Gafford admitted, “There were guys that came out that were ready to play and guys like me that was out there on the floor just running back and forth. I felt like I couldn’t commit to anything, give anything to the team at the time,” as reported by Mike Curtis.

The matchup against the Clippers marked Gafford’s second playoff appearance, highlighting the pressure and intensity of postseason basketball.