Pascal Siakam Toronto Golden State
Photo: Toronto Raptors

With top sportsbooks lining this game out with the Golden State Warriors as -5.5 favorites, this line is so spot on its scary.

Let’s look at other ways to make this game more entertaining with prop betting. There are a few lines that I noticed that look like they have definitive value. Follow this link if you want to learn to bet on sports.

Stephen Curry OVER 7.5 Free Throw Points

I love this line. Why? Because Steph is going to have to put the team on his shoulders with Kevin Durant sitting again and Klay Thompson most likely not playing (or limited if he does).

This means that Steph will have to take more shots, and I have a feeling that the defense is going to really key in on him.

Normally, this is a good thing, because Steph can dump the ball over to Draymond on the weak side and let him make the decision (why Green ends up with triple-doubles).

However, if Klay is out, neither Curry nor Green will have that super-reliable option at the weakside wing. This means Curry will drive into the paint more. I have a feeling he’ll draw at least four shooting fouls, so this number looks really good at -115.

Stephen Curry UNDER 32.5 Total Points

Now, let me start by saying there are a lot of reasons why to take the OVER here. The first being that the normal Steph to Green to whoever is open game-plan probably won’t be in play, so Steph will take more shots.

That said, without Thompson, Kawhi and company will be able to focus more on great shot contestation on No. 30. He may score into the upper 20’s, but I doubt he’ll break 33, which is the number needed to cash in on the OVER here. Take the UNDER.

Kawhi Leonard Toronto Golden State
Photo: Twitter/Toronto Raptors

Steph Curry Steals + Blocks OVER 1.5

Steph had three steals in Game 2. So I like for him to play inspired defense in Game 3 at home. Especially if the Raptors D is swarming him and shutting him down of offense, he will make that extra defensive effort to contribute.

Draymond Green OVER 14 Points

This may be the best line for all of Game 3. Draymond is going to have fewer consistent options to pass to with no Durant and perhaps no Klay.

So he will take it to the hole or take the jump shot just outside of the key a few more times than normal.

Let’s look at his scoring over the last few games: 17, 10, 18, 20, 16, 12. Green knows that for the Warriors to win, he is going to have to add some buckets to the board, so expect him to score closer to the 20-point mark.

Take OVER 14 all day at -115. You can even get OVER 11.5 for the juiced-up price of -170.

Andre Iguodala
Photo: Twitter/NBA

Kawhi Steals + Blocks OVER 2.5

With the possibility of a limited Thompson or no Thompson, Kawhi will be on Curry, Livingston, and other benchers. This is a prime opportunity for him to snag a couple of steals and at least one blocked shot. Take the OVER.