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Olympiacos head coach David Blatt talked to the TV show “Pick and Roll” of the Greek TV station COSMOTE TV and referred to LeBron James.

Here is what the 59-year-old coach said:

On his relationship with the “King”: “I didn’t felt unaccepted, but we were seeing the game differently. He was an NBA player for his whole life, one of the best ever in the history of the game, and I was a first-time NBA coach, who had spent the rest of his career in Europe.

That’s a wide river. Unfortunately, when I am thinking about big rivers, I think about the Styx leading to Hades.”

On his time in the Cleveland Cavaliers: “They were not unfair, they gave me the job. Looking back, probably the timing was not right in long term and probably that’s why I am not in the NBA, but it’s not something that I miss.

I coached in the NBA finals, I got an Eastern conference title, so…”