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Photo: Twitter/Real Madrid

Real Madrid head coach Pablo Laso talked to the official website of the EuroLeague and referred to his decision to play basketball.

Here is what the experienced coach said:

On choosing basketball over football: “Basketball, as is logical, came to me through my family, as my dad was a well-known player who then became a coach [Jose “Pepe” Laso]. 

It’s hard to say what lured me in to basketball. It’s funny because I started playing soccer in my school, but then I just switched. Everyone in school assumed, and so they told me, that I had switched just because of my background and I had kind of been forced to do so.

But it was not true. Inside of me I had basketball blood running, and it just grew up inside me. I think turning to basketball was well worth it!”

On whether it was an easy decision to start playing basketball: “It was not a difficult decision for me, personally, but it was not seen the same by everyone else.

Now, at 50 years old, I can look back at my career and I am happy it all went that way. I am happy that I can make a living with basketball, something that was so precious to me.”