Ifaistos Limnou ( 3rd place) – AEK Athens ( 6th place): 72-68

Quarters:18-22, 32-37, 48-56, 72-68

Venue: Nikos Samaras Indoor Hall

Referees: Papapetrou- Stamatopoulos- Manglogiannis

MVP: Mario Little

From the start, AEK took the lead (6-10), but the hosts tied the game (16-16). In the end of the first quarter, the team, coached by Papatheodorou, was in front by four (18-22). The two teams had 17 fouls and 20 free throws overall in the first quarter. Ifaistos answered in the start of the second quarter with five consecutive points from Smith (25-23). But, AEK regained the lead with a 2-11 run. Kaklamanakis had a great performance, especially in the second quarter, and was the key factor why AEK led by 5 points at halftime ( 32-37).

Although AEK remained as leader (48-56) in the end of the third quarter, Ifaistos won the match (72-68). Little scored the last 3-pointer, which gave the win to the hosts.

AEK Athens (6th place) best players : Points: Keith Langford  (14 points) , Rebounds: Howard Sant-Roos  (7 rebounds) , Assists: Keith Langford (4 assists)

Ifaistos Limnou (3rd place) : Points: Vlad Moldoveanu (15 points) , Rebounds: Sean Evans  (13 rebounds) , Assists: Cliff Hammonds  (5 assists)

Ifaistos Limnou will travel to South Attica in order to play against Lavrio Megabolt, whereas AEK Athens will face Peristeri Winmasters at home in the 4th gameweek.

Ionikos Nikaias Affidea ( 11th place) – Paok ( 8th place): 83-66

Quarters:20-21, 43-38, 63-62, 83-66.

Venue: Sofia Befon Indoor Hall

Referees: Tsaroucha- Mpitis- Pantelidis

MVP: Loukas Mavrokefalidis

From the beginning the score was so close. PAOK had the lead in the first quarter by only 1 point (20-21). The hosts answered in the second quarter but they made a lot of mistakes. The team from Palaio Faliro led by 5 at halftime (43-38). Loukas Mavrokefalidis did a little bit of everything and helped Ionikos regain the lead.

Ionikos improved its defence after the halftime and the hosts took the momentum of the match. PAOK was competitive only in the third quarter. Ionikos found the way and led by 1 before the start of the last quarter (63-62). PAOK was not good and the game was over. Vetoulas scored only 4 points for PAOK and Ionikos finally won by 17 points.

Ionikos Nikaias Affidea ( 11th place)  best players : Points: Loukas Mavrokefalidis (22 points) , Rebound: Loukas Mavrokefalidis  (7 rebounds) , Assists: Jamal Jones  (6 assists)

Paok ( 8th place): Points: Adam Smith (18 points) , Rebound: Zane Knowles ( 12  rebounds) , Assist: Apollon Tsochlas  (5 assists)

Ionikos Nikaias will face Aris Thessalonikis on the road, whereas PAOK will host Panathinaikos OPAP in the 4th gameweek.

Larisa ( 14th place) – Aris Thessalonikis ( 5th place): 92-78

Quarters:21-24, 44-45, 71-66, 92-78

Venue: Larisa Neapolis Indoor Arena

Referees: Panagiotou- Tsonou- Skoutas

MVP: Scottie Reynolds

In the first quarter Aris obviously played better than the hosts. Dragisevic and Talton scored a lot of points and gave to the visitors the leading score from the start. The free throws of Gecevicius made it 21-24, which was the score of the first quarter. But in the second quarter Larisa was competitive and tried to tie the match. Larisa with a 3-pointer from Hamilton took the lead (35-30). Aris in the last minutes answered and with free throws of Milosevic regained the lead (44-45) at halftime.

The team from Thessaloniki was decisive but the visitors obviously looked very exhausted in the second half, because the team, coached by Soulis Markpoulos, played 3 games in 1 week. Reynolds scored a lot of points for Larisa and the hosts had 11 points in a row (57-50). Aris reacted and a 3-pointer from Talton made it 69-66. Larisa was in the lead in the end of the third quarter by 5 points (71-66).

Aris was competitive until 76-71 and Larisa finally won the match 92-78.

Larisa (14th place) best players : Points: Scottie Reynolds (17 points) , Rebounds: Terell Parks (15 rebounds) , Assist: Scottie Reynolds (13 assists)

Aris Thessalonikis (5th place) : Points: Milan Milocevic (23 points) , Rebounds:  (11 rebounds) , Assists: Martynas Gecevicius  ( 8 assists)

Larisa will come across Iraklis Thessalonikis at home next week, whereas Aris Thessaonikis will face Ionikos Nikaias Affidea at home for the 4th gameweek.

Iraklis Thessalonikis ( 7th place) – Rethymno Cretan Kings ( 12th place): 74-56

Quarters:23-20, 46-37, 61-57, 81-70.

Venue: Ivanofeio Sports Arena

Referees: Somos- Andrikopoulos- Efraimidis

MVP: Olivier Hanlan

The hosts were in the lead from the start. Iraklis led by 3 points at the end of the first quarter (23-20). Thodoris Zaras made a great performance and helped the hosts a lot in offence. The team, coached by Kastritis, was in front at halftime ( 46-37). 

Hanlan and Schuler had a great performance especially in the third quarter. Francamp was the first scorer for Rethymno with 14 points and Wesley Gordon made double double (14 points and 12 rebounds). Iraklis was in the lead at the end of the third quarter (61-57). The hosts kept the pace and Kastritis’ players found the way to win the match (81-70).

Iraklis Thessalonikis (7th place) best players : Points: Olivier Hanlan (13 points) , Rebound: Alex Davis (11 rebounds) , Assists: Teddy Okereafor  (5 assists)

Rethymno Cretan Kings (12th place): Points: Conner Frankamp (23 points) , Rebounds: Wesley Gordon  (9 rebounds) , Assists: Jarvis Garrett (3 assists)

Iraklis will face Larisa on the road next week, whereas Rethymno will travel to Athens to face Panionios for the 4th gameweek.

Peristeri Winmasters (2nd place)  – Panionios SU CASA (13th place) : 95-69

Quarters: 26-19, 42-36, 69-58, 95-69

Venue: Peristeri Arena

Referees: Anastopoulos- Kalogeropoulos- Tsolakos

MVP: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos

Panionios tried a lot to be competitive from the start. McGill scored 5 points in a row (2-7) and Peristeri missed 4 shots. The hosts with Skordilis points mainly (7 points) took the lead (17-12) and they were in front at the end of the first quarter (26-19). Panionios tried to tie the match and the visitors scored 5 consecutive points (26-24).

Pasalic and McGill scored quickly 10 points and Panionios finally equalized the match (31-31). Hutcher and Skordilis had 7 and 9 points respectively and with 10 points in a row they helped Peristeri to led by 10 points ( 41-31). At halftime Peristeri was in the lead by 6 points ( 42-36), because Verginis and Lee from Panionios decrease the score. 

Peristeri increased the gap (47-36) because Vasilopoulos scored 5 points. Saloustros with Smith and Hutcher scored a lot of points. Pasalic and Lewis attempt wasn’t enough for Panionios to equalize the score. The team which coached by Ilias Zouros kept the pace and the hosts finally won by 26 points (95-69).

Peristeri Winmasters (2nd place) best players : Points: Smith Scoochie (16 points) , Rebounds: Brayon Blake  (6 rebounds) , Assists: Steven Gray (8 assists)

Panionios SU CASA (13th place) : Points: Muhamed Pasalic (15 points) , Rebounds: Anthony Lee  (6 rebounds) , Assists: Muhamed Pasalic  (5 assists)

Peristeri will face AEK Athens on the road, whereas Panionios will host Rethymno Cretan Kings for the 4th gameweek.

Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels ( 9rd place) – Lavrio Megabolt ( 10th place): 73-74

Quarters:14-19, 33-33, 52-50, 73-56

Venue: Kallithea Palais des Sports

Referees: Schinas – Poursanidis- Kaldiris

MVP: Donovan Jackson

Kolossos Rhodes hosted Lavrio for the 3rd gameweek of Basketleague. Lavrio players lacked experience, but had speed, good stamina and ambitions to achieve many things. Lavrio was in the lead in the end of the first quarter (14-19). Brazelton was the game’s standout performer and the hosts made an 15-5 in a row. Kolossos Rhodes tied the match at halftime (33-33).

Kolossos Rhodes had a great start in the third quarter (52-46) with a 9-2 in a row. But Lavrio answered with Watson’s points mainly. The hosts took the lead at the end of the third quarter (52-50). In the fourth quarter, there were lot of lead changes. DeCosey scored a lot of points and helped Lavrio regain the lead. Agbelese and Jackson free throws answered for the team, coached by Aris Lykogiannis, but a 3-pointer from Watson helped Lavrio respond and the visitors finally won the match (73-74).

Kolossos Rhodes H Hotels ( 9rd place) best players : Points: Donovan Jackson ( 18 points) , Rebound: Travis Daniels  ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Tyrone Brazelton ( 4 assists)

Lavrio Megabolt ( 10th place) : Points: Quenton DeCosey ( 17 points) , Rebound: Giannis Kouzeloglou  ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Vasilis Mouratos  ( 4 assists)

Kolossos Rhodes will face Promitheas Patras on the road next week, whereas Lavrio Megabolt will host Hfaistos Limnou  for the 4th gameweek.