Despite a challenging start to their first-round series against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Devin Booker remains optimistic about the Phoenix Suns’ chances.

Following a 105-93 defeat in Game 2, Booker delivered a message of resilience, urging fans not to count them out just yet.

In a game where the Suns struggled to find their offensive groove, Booker’s leadership shone through as he emphasized the importance of staying determined in the face of adversity.

“Don’t count us out. It’s a series for a reason. I don’t think any road team’s won so far. I know that doesn’t have anything to do with us, but it’s just the situation that it is,” Booker said, per Gerald Bourguet.

With the series shifting to Phoenix for the next two games, Booker’s rallying cry serves as a reminder of the Suns’ resilience and their ability to bounce back from setbacks.

As they return home, the Suns will look to regroup and make necessary adjustments to regain momentum and level the series.