Former NBA champion Matt Barnes has raised questions about the COVID vaccines, highlighting concerns about their long-term effects.

During an appearance on the “Sage Steel Show,” Barnes voiced regret over taking the vaccine, citing the rapid development of the shots and the lack of long-term safety testing.

Expressing skepticism, Barnes referred to the population as “guinea pigs” for the experimental COVID shots, emphasizing uncertainties about their potential impacts.

“We just didn’t know enough,” he said. “It was so fast. For this pandemic to hit and then all of a sudden within the first four to six months they have something that’s going to keep you safe from it. To me it sounds foolish. Sometimes you have to go with the bullsh*t and I feel like that was part of the bullsh*t.”

Barnes expressed concerns about experiencing unexpected aches and headaches after receiving the vaccine, questioning whether these symptoms were related to the shots or simply signs of aging.

“I just turned 44 a couple of weeks ago. It’s like, how is this gonna effect me? These aches I’m starting to have all of a sudden, or this this, or the headaches I’m starting to get all of a sudden is it from… so it’s just like, what is this? Is this me getting old? Or is it…I took two shots, I almost took the third,” he said.

Acknowledging his decision to take the vaccine, Barnes admitted to feeling powerless now that the shots are already in his body, expressing reluctance to learn about any potential negative effects.

“I don’t even want to know if there’s bad stuff in it. Because it’s in my body now, what can I do now?”