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In a survey conducted by The Athletic among players, 47% of respondents named Tom Thibodeau as the head coach they’d least prefer to play for.

Despite this, Thibodeau’s Knicks players were ready to defend him, according to Fred Katz’s report for The Athletic. Donte DiVincenzo emphasized that those outside the team’s locker room lack insight into their dynamics.

DiVincenzo praised Thibodeau as an exceptional leader and coach, highlighting his ability to handle injuries and extract the best from every player. DiVincenzo credited Thibodeau for his career-best performance and acknowledged the team’s collective success under his guidance.

“Nobody’s in our locker room and everybody that talks is on the outside of our locker room. They don’t know what goes on,” DiVincenzo said. “Thibs is a great leader.

“He’s a great head coach and he’s done an amazing job this year not only dealing with injuries in and out of the lineup but also getting the best out of every single player on our team. I’m having a career year. Different guys on the team are having career years.”