Daniel Theis: “We want to show that German basketball is one of the most competitive”

NBA: Miami Heat at Boston Celtics
Daniel Theis will be losing the mask for the London game against the Philadelphia 76ers. Photo: Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with FIBA, Daniel Theis spoke about Germany and the upcoming Basketball World Cup.

Here is what the power forward of the Boston Celtics said:

On the participation of Germany in the 2019 Basketball World Cup: “We’ll work hard during the training camp in order to be in the best shape for the beginning of the tournament.

It’s going to be very intense, so we will need to be at our best level and have the same solid chemistry that we’ve had in the last couple of competitions we took part in.

We can have a great run in China, like many other teams, and we want to show that German basketball is one of the most competitive.”

On his individual performance on the court: “I’m a team player, so my priority, my mindset is to think about the team first.

I like to help on both ends of the floor and I’ve been doing that with the National Team since I was first called to compete with the senior team a couple of years ago. I give all my energy for the team and I enjoy having that role in the National Team.

That’s the way I play, and I try to impact the game and the team in a positive way all the time, defending, grabbing rebounds, scoring when I can, and being a great teammate.

Winning is all that matters to me. I like being with the guys in the National Team, and I always want to bring something positive both on and off the court.”