Jordi Bertomeu
Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Jordi Bertomeu talked about the relationship with FIBA and the next steps that should be taken in the future.

Here is what the president and CEO of the EuroLeague said in an interview with Corriere Della Sera:

“FIBA has made a great effort to bring the World Cup to China. Perhaps 32 teams are too many, but they must relate to 200 federations, and they must give everyone hope to be part of the tournament.

I have not yet spoken to the new general secretary Andreas Zagklis, there have been no talks with FIBA for two months. Maybe we’ll talk after the World Cup; I think we should start working again.

If they want to go ahead with the calendar, with the windows, this will continue, but other things can be discussed again.

We must no longer speak of a rift between the EuroLeague and FIBA but a new order. They are two realities with different projects.

Surely this madness of European tournaments must be settled under the EuroLeague. The birth of the Champions League has created confusion, from the name to the structure.”