Panathinaikos has already registered for the 2020/21 EuroLeague, according to the president and CEO of the league, Jordi Bertomeu.

The “Greens” officially expressed their intention to leave the competition and remains to be seen whether this will happen. If Panathinaikos leaves the EuroLeague, they are expected to join the FIBA Basketball Champions League.

“Panathinaikos, like the rest 10 licensed clubs, are automatically registered for the next season since they have a permanent license. Every summer they just have to inform about the changes that are related to the next season.

Given the global situation, we must understand that there may be delays in this procedure since there are a lot of uncertainties on the table and many teams haven’t completed their planning. But, to clearly answer your question, Panathinaikos has already registered to participate in next season’s EuroLeague,” Bertomeu told EuroLeague Greece.