Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 2nd place) – KAE Panathinaikos Opap (3rd place): 68-91 ( 0-1)

Quarters: 15-25, 31-49, 49-68, 68-91

Venue:  Peristeri Arena

Referees: Papapetrou – Mpitis- Andrikopoulos

MVP: Deshaun Thomas

Panathaikos was decisive and the visitors showed they have better quality than Peristeri and the other competitors in the playoffs of the Basket League.

The team, which coached by Rick Pitino, was in front by 10 points at the end of the first period (15-25).

Peristeri remained scoreless for six minutes in the second quarter and Panathinaikos had an 0-13 run. PAO led by 18 points at halftime.

Peristeri “woke up” in the third quarter and the team, which coached by Argyris Pedoulakis had a 15-0 run in the start of the third quarter (48-56). But, Panathinaikos kept the lead in the end of the third quarter (49-68) and the “Greens” won over Peristeri (68-91), eventually.

 Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 2nd place) best players : Points: Ben Bentil  ( 19  points) , Rebound: Ben Bentil ( 14  rebounds) , Assist: Eduard Daniel ( 4  assists)

KAE Panathinaikos Opap (3rd place): Points: Deshaun Thomas ( 21 points) , Rebound:  Deshaun Thomas ( 10 rebounds) , Assist: Nick Calathes ( 11 assists)

AEK Athens ( 1st place) – Promitheas Patras ( 4th place): 83-82 ( 1-0)

Quarters:  24-20, 52-47, 69-61, 83-82

Venue:  OAKA Indoor Hall 

Referees: Manos – Symeonidis- Tzafleris

MVP: Howard Sant-Roos

Promitheas made a great start and the visitors were in front in the first three minutes (2-10). 11 points from Howard Sant-Roos was the main reason why AEK was in the lead in the end of the first quarter (24-20).

The team, which coached by Makis Giatras, made many mistakes in the second quarter. Sakota and Sant-Roos scored a lot of points for AEK and the hosts were in front at halftime (52-47). 

Promitheas made a great attempt to win in the second half. In the start of the third quarter, the visitors had a 2-10 run and took the lead (54-57).

AEK regained the lead with Jordan Theodore and four points from Vince Hunter. AEK led by eight points in the end of the third quarter (69-61).

Although the three-pointers from Kaselakis and Katsivelis helped Promitheas equalize the match. Theodore scored a free throw and AEK finally won 83-82 against Promitheas. 

AEK Athens ( 1st place) best players : Points: Giannoulis Larentzakis  ( 19 points) , Rebound: Howar Sant-Roos (  8 rebounds) , Assist: Jordan Theodore  ( 6 assists)

Promitheas Patras ( 4th place): Points: Oleksander Lypovy  ( 13 points) , Rebound:  Terell Parks  ( 6 rebounds) , Assist: Nikos Gkikas  ( 6 assists)