Photo: Milwaukee Bucks/YouTube screenshot

Former Milwaukee Bucks coach, Mike Budenholzer, reportedly priced himself out of contention for the Brooklyn Nets coaching position.

During the search for a new head coach, Budenholzer’s contract demands, including high salary and long-term commitment, posed a hurdle for the Nets.

“It was a wide search. Mike Budenholzer was part of that, but from what I’m led to believe, his contract demands were rather high. A lot of money for a lot of years. The numbers I’ve heard that I can’t share are probably beyond even my wildest expectations,” New York Posts’ Brian Lewis said on The HoopsHype Podcast.

While Budenholzer was considered a finalist, his contract expectations ultimately led the Nets to explore other coaching options.

The Nets, who concluded the season with assistant coach Kevin Ollie filling in, are actively continuing their search for a new head coach.