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Peristeri Bikos Cola ( 3rd place) – Kymis B.C. ( 11th place) : 94-93

Quarters:17-31, 39-45, 59-65, 80-80, 94-93 
MVP: Ben Bentil

Referees: G.Poursanidis – Panagiotou- Kardaris

Venue: Peristeri Arena (Peristeri Indoor Hall Andreas Papandreou)

Kymi had an amazing start in the first quarter and the team from Euboia came to Peristeri for a valuable win to avoid the relegation ( 0-8) and ( 8-24) and in the end of the first quarter Kymi  led by 14 points ( 17-31). The gap was decreased in the halftime and Peristeri led by 6 points ( 39-45). Bentil and Harrow had an amazing performance and they helped Peristeri to win the match. Scott Saggs was excellent and scored a lot of points ( 24 points) for Kymi. Alhtough Kymi’s defence wasn’t good, but Kymi Scott Saggs has an outstanding performance . In the end of the fourth quarter Peristeri with Bentil’s points tie up the match ( 80-80). Peristeri had need an extra time to won 94-93 Kymi. The players from Euboia’s team complained for one technical foul to Isidoros Koutsos. The 17 yo Peristeri player Zois Karambelas scored 2 free throws in the end and Peristeri won the match. Unfortunately Saggs missed a shot and Kymis lost this difficult and very important match.

Peristeri Bikos Cola ( 3rd place) will travel to Limnos to play against Hfaistos  Limnou B.C. ( 8th place) next week, whereas Kymis B.C. ( 11th place) will face Paok B.C. ( 6th place) at home in the 18th game week.

 Peristeri Bikos Cola best players : Points: Ben Bentil ( 27 points) , Rebound: Ben Bentil ( 12 rebounds) , Assist: Ryan Harrow ( 7 assists)

 Kymis B.C. best players : Points: Scott Saggs ( 24 points) , Rebound: Chris Horton ( 12 rebounds) , Assist: JeQuan Lewis  ( 12  assists)

Paok B.C. ( 6th place)– Holargos B.C. ( 7th place): 80-73

Quarters:18-17, 37-31, 66-46, 80-73 

Referees: Koromilas- Manglogiannis-Mbikas

Venue:P.A.O.K. Sports Arena

MVP: Linos Chrysikopoulos

The score was so close in the first minutes ( 11-10), but Jankovic helped Holargos to led by 4 ( 13-17), but Paok roared back as Darius Garrett score 5 points (18-17).  Although Paok with Darius Garrett mainly tried to increase the score ( 28-23), but Jankovic was there and reduce the score for Holargos (33-31). Paok was better in the last minutes of the second quarter and the team from Thessaaloniki extended the margin to 37-31 at the break. In the third quarter Chrysikopoulos had made an amazing performance and he was the key factor why Paok lead by 20 points ( 66-46) in the end of the third quarter. The team of Aris Lykogiannis ( Holargos B.C.) tried to win the match, but Paok mainly with offensive rebounds won the match by 7 points. (80-73).

Paok B.C. best players : Points: Linos Chrysikopoulos ( 16 points) , Rebound: Darius Garrett (  6 rebounds) , Assist: Antonis Koniaris ( 8 assists)

Holargos B.C. best players : Points: Vladimiros Jankovic ( 20 points) , Rebound: Thomas Kottas (8   rebounds) , Assist: Javontae Hawkins ( 4 assists)

PAOK Thessaloniki ( 6th place) will be on the road for the 18th gameweek and the team from Thessaloniki will come across Kymis ( 11th place) , whereas Holargos B.C. ( 7th place) will host AEK Athens (5th place) at home.

Aek Athens B.C. (5th place) – Promitheas Patras B.C. ( 4th place): 83-62

Quarters:21-18, 42-28, 60-53, 83-62

Referees: Papapetrou- Somos – K.Poursanidis

Venue:O.A.C.A. Olympic Indoor Hall ( Nikos Galis Olympic Indoor Hall)

MVP: Jonas Maciulis

Promitheas was better in the first minutes ( 2-9), but Aek tried to reduce the score ( 8-9). Aek completed a 0-6 run for aa 21-15 lead, but a Brown’s buzzer beater decreased the score (21-18). The game was over from the start of the second quarter, because Aek was better than Promitheas and Aek was in the leading by 14 points in halftime. However Tsairelis and Ellis wasn’t enough for Promitheas to won, because Aek was in the lead ( 60-53) in the end of the third quarter and finally Aek won Promitheas with 21 points (83-62).

Aek Athens B.C. best players : Points: Jonas Maciulis ( 18 points) , Rebound: Howard Sant-Roos (  9 rebounds) , Assist: Jordan Theodore  ( 6 assists)

Promitheas Patras B.C. best players : Points: Michalis Tsairelis ( 11 points) , Rebound: Octavius Ellis ( 7 rebounds) , Assist: Nikos Gkikas ( 6 assists)

AEK Athens (5th place) will travel to face Holargos B.C. ( 7th place) next week, whereas  Promitheas Patras B.C. ( 4th place) will welcome Rethymno Cretan Kings B.C.(13th place) in game week 18 .

Panionios B.C. ( 12th place) – Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C. ( 10th place): 101– 91

Quarters:30-16, 56-40, 79-68, 101-91

Referees: Manos- Symeonidis-Malamas

Venue: Sofia Befon stadium, Athens

MVP: Davion Berry

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The debut of Panionios in the new stadium ( Sofia Befon stadium) was accompanied with a valuable win over Lavrio with 100 points. Panionios had a great start in the game against Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C. and the team from N.Smyrni was in the lead in the first quarter (30-16) and in the halftime ( 56-40). Very high score for Basketleague standards. Although Sereli’s players (Lavrio) Milocevic, Lountzis, Buford had a great performance in the third quarter, the team who coached by Frankias ( Panionios) kept the lead and was in front by 11 points ( 79-68). Austin and Berry for Panionios had an outstanding perforamance with 24 and 25 points of power ranking. In the fourth quarter Lavrio complete a 7-0 run for Lavrio with Lamb shoot, but Panionios was in the lead with 5 points ( 88-83). Lavrio made a great performance and the score was so close ( 88-87) after Lavrio a 4-0 run and a shoot from Kaklamanakis, but 3 points from Davion Berry were decisive for Panionios ( 94-89). Lamb decreased the score ( 94-41), but Davion Berry had different point of view ( 96-91). Zamal Nixon ( Lavrio) was missed two free throws, but Lavrio took the rebound. The players from Lavrio made a mistake and Nikos Diplaros ( Panionios) scored two points and won a foul in fastbreak ( 98-91). Lavrio made another one mistake in the offence and Davion Berry with 3p made the final score  ( 101-91).

 Panionios B.C. best players : Points: Demetric Austin ( 25 points) , Rebound: Darnell Harris (  9 rebounds) , Assist: Davion Harris  ( 9 assists)

Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C.  best players : Points: Milan Milocevic ( 18 points) , Rebound: Milan Milocevic ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Zamal Nixon  ( 6 assists)

The team from Lavrio ( 10th place) will try to win by hosting Olympiacos Piraeus B.C. ( 1th place)* next week, whereas Panionios B.C. ( 12th place) will face KAE Panathinaikos B.C. ( 2nd place)* one day earlier.

Kolossos Rodou B.C. H Hotels ( 14th place)- Hfaistos Limnou B.C. ( 8th place): 60-78

Quarters: 12-15, 27-38, 41-54, 60-78 

Referees: Karakatsounis- Andrikopoulos-Theonas

Venue:Venetoklio Indoor Hall

MVP: Antwaine Wiggins 

Hfaistos Limnou win Kolossos Rodou B.C. H Hotels on the road on Thursday. Hfaistos Limnou was better than Kolossos Rodes from the first quarter leading by 4-9, but Quincy Diggs scored a lot of points for the hosts in the end of the first quarter ( 12-15). Hfaistos Limnou kept control the rest of the way and in halftime the visitor lead by 11 points ( 27-38). In the third quarter Hfaistos Limnou with Smith and Evans and lead by 15 ( 39-54), but Stevie Browning aswered in the end of the third half for Kolossos Rodes ( 41-54). In the end of the game Hfaistos Limnou won by 18 points ( 60-78).

Kolossos Rodou B.C. H Hotels  best players : Points: Slaven Cupkovic  ( 12 points) , Rebound: Dimitris Mavroeidis  (  7 rebounds) , Assist: Kostas Papadakis ( 4 assists)

 Hfaistos Limnou B.C.   best players : Points: Antwaine Wiggins ( 17 points) , Rebound: Sean Evand  ( 8 rebounds) , Assist: Tyrone Brazelton (  7 assists)

Kolossos Rodou B.C. H Hotels ( 14th place) will travel to Thessaloniki to play against Aris Thessalonikis B.C. ( 9th place) next week, whereas Hfaistos Limnou B.C. ( 8th place) will host  Panionios B.C. ( 12th place) for the 18th gameweek.