Greek Basket League Day 2

Photo: Twitter/Ifaistos Limnou

Holargos and Ifaistos Limnou were victorious and made history in the second week of the 2018/19 Greek Basket League.

Holargos – Kolossos Rhodes: 74-60

Quarters: 19-19, 37-33, 56-52, 74-60 Referees: P. Anastopoulos- Simeonidis- Pitsilkas

Venue: K.G. Holargou, “Antonis Tritsis” Indoor Hall

Kolossos Rhodes (0-2) was competitive against Holargos ( 1-1), but the team from Athens led by four at halftime (37-33). It was a close game in the third quarter, yet the hosts retained their lead (56-52). In the fourth quarter, Holargos’ head coach, Aris Lykogiannis, saw his players play much better on both ends of the floor and claim their first-ever victory in the Basket League (74-60).

Danny Agbelese (17 points and eight rebounds) and Vladimir Jankovic (11 points and six boards) led in scoring, but Holargos didn’t make a three-pointer (0/12). Quincy Diggs was the best player of Kolossos.

Holargos will visit Peristeri (2-0) next week, while Kolossos will welcome Kymi.


Holargos B.C.: Best players

Points: Danny Agbelese (17), Rebounds: Danny Agbelese (8), Assists: Alexis Spyridonidis (2)

Kolossos Rhodes: Best players

Points: Quincy Diggs (16), Rebounds: Quincy Diggs (5), Assists: Tyreek Duren (3)

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Παίζοντας κατά διαστήματα ωραίο μπάσκετ ο Χολαργός επικράτησε (74-60) του Κολοσσού στο κλειστό “Αντώνης Τρίτσης” και έγραψε ιστορία επιτυγχάνοντας την πρώτη νίκη του στην Basket League. 🏀💪 Το άγχος ήταν εμφανές στο πρώτο ημίχρονο, όπου οι παίκτες του Άρη Λυκογιάννη είχαν μεν τον έλεγχο, αλλά δεν μπόρεσαν να “χτίσουν” μια διαφορά. Το 25-19 (στο 12′) αποδείχθηκε πολύ εύθραυστο και ο Κολοσσός με τους Ντιγκς-Μπράουνινγκ πήρε προβάδισμα (29-33 στο 17′). Η κυριαρχία του Ντάνι Αγκμπελέζε στο “ζωγραφιστό” και η ενέργεια που έβγαλαν Καμπερίδης-Κώττας με το σκοράρισμα από τους Γιάνκοβιτς-Λοβ έδωσαν στον Χολαργό την δυνατότητα να πάει στα αποδυτήρια στο ημίχρονο έχοντας το “πάνω χέρι” (37-33 στο 20′). Στην επανάληψη η κυριαρχία στην ρακέτα έγινε εμφανής, αλλά η αστοχία από τα 6.75 (0/12 τρίποντα συνολικά) δεν άφηνε την ομάδα του Άρη Λυκογιάννη να ξεφύγει. Η σταδιακή άνοδος της πίεσης στην άμυνα, η κυριαρχία του εκπληκτικού Ντάνι Αγκμπελέζε στην ρακέτα σε άμυνα και επίθεση και η ωριμότητα του Βλαδίμηρου Γιάνκοβιτς έδωσαν την ώθηση που χρειάζονταν ο Χολαργός για να φτάσει σε μια άνετη στο τέλος νίκη (74-60) κυριαρχώντας στα ριμπάουντ (42 έναντι 30 των φιλοξενούμενων) απέναντι σ’ έναν αντίπαλο που έδειξε μαχητικός. ΧΟΛΑΡΓΟΣ – ΚΟΛΟΣΣΟΣ ΡΟΔΟΥ 74-60 (19-19, 37-33, 56-52, 74-60). ΧΟΛΑΡΓΟΣ (Λυκογιάννης): Φιτζπάτρικ 4 (7 ριμπ.), Γιάνκοβιτς 11 (6 ριμπ.), Οκερέαφορ 4, Αγκμπελέσε 17 (8 ριμπ., 2 τάπες), Λοβ 7, Κώττας 2, Καμπερίδης 6 (8 ριμπ.), Σπυριδωνίδης 7, Σκουλίδας, Χόκινς 8, Ντόρσεϊ 8. ΚΟΛΟΣΣΟΣ (Βετούλας): Δημακός 7 (1), Άσκα 9, Ντιγκς 16 (3), Κέμπτον 9 (1), Μπράουνινγκ 8 (2), Μαυροειδής 7, Γεωργάκης, Μπιλής, Γεωργαλής, Αγγελάκος, Παπαδάκης, Ντουρέν 4 . . #holargosbc #holargoscity #holargos #greek #basketleague #a1 ……………. #basketball #basketballteam #sports #neighborhood #athens #greece

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Ifaistos Limnou – Panionios: 86-64

Quarters: 24-23, 41- 38, 65- 48, 86-64 Referees : Tsarouxa – Kaldiris – Zaxaris

Stadium : “Nikos Samaras” Indoor Hall , Limnos

Saturday, October 13 was a historic day for Ifaistos Limnou (1-1), as they defeated Panionios at home and earned the first win in the history of the club (86-64).

In the opening quarter, the hosts were in front by just three, but Rolands Freimanis and Tyrone Brazelton helped Ifaistos Lymnou extend their lead to 17 points in the third quarter. Panionios couldn’t turn things around and suffered a heavy defeat. The visitors have lost both games in the Greek Basket League.

Ifaistos’ head coach, Sotiris Manolopoulos, congratulated his players for the victory. Freimanis had 19 points and six rebounds for the winners, while Brazelton added 14 points and seven assists. E.J. Singler and Davion Berry scored 14 points apiece for the visitors. 

Ifaistos Limnou will face Olympiacos on the road next week, whereas Panionios will welcome Aris Thessaloniki.


Ifaistos Limnou: Best players

Points: Rolands Freimanis (19 points), Rebounds: Rolands Freimanis (six rebounds), Assists: Tyrone Brazelton (seven assists)

Panionios: Best players

Points: E.J. Singler (14), Rebounds: Darnell Harris (10), Assists: Brandon Brown (5)

Promitheas – Peristeri: 73-76

Quarters: 24-26, 42-39, 58-62, 73-76  Referees: Manos – Theonas – Pantelidis

Venue: “Dimitris Tofalos Arena”, Patra

Peristeri has been one of the pleasant surprises of the Greek Basket League so far. In the opening day, the team from Athens beat the Basketball Champions League champions, AEK Athens. A week later, Peristeri edged Promitheas, the most competitive team from the Greek regional basketball, which also competes in the BCL this year.

Argyris Pedoulakis, the head coach of Peristeri, was impressed by Will Daniels (nine points, 11 rebounds), Panagiotis Vassilopoulos (15 points), Ben Bentil (13 points) and Ryan Harrow (14 points), who made a great performance and led the team to the victory in Patra.

Promitheas also was competitive and remained close to their opponents, especially in the third quarter, when the team from Patra took a nine-point lead. Oleksandr Lypovyy (11 points, eight rebounds, six assists), Leonidas Kaselakis (13 points) and Langston Hall (12 points) were the best players of Promitheas, but they were not enough to help the squad take the victory.

Promitheas will travel to Thessaloniki to play against PAOK next week, whereas Peristeri will host Ηolargos B.C. at home.


Promitheas: Best players

Points: Leonidas Kaselakis (13), Rebounds: Oleksandr Lypovyy (8), Assists: Oleksandr Lypovyy (6)

Peristeri Bikos Cola: Best players

Points: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos (15), Rebounds: Will Daniels (11), Assists: Ryan Harrow (5)

Rethymno Cretan Kings – Lavrio: 72-77

Quarters: 17-10, 38-36, 61-60, 72-77   Referees : Karakatsounis – Tzafleris – Anastopoulos

Venue : “K.G. Melina Merkouri Sports Arena”, Rethymno

Rethymno made an incredible start in the first quarter (17-10), but Lavrio enhanced their performance and cut the deficit. Michalis Lountzis was a game changer and scored 11 of his 17 points in the fourth quarter.

Giannis Kouzeloglou (11 points, 13 rebounds) and Dimitris Kaklamanakis (13 points, 12 boards) were the keys in the win of Lavrio. For Rethymno, Steven Burtt and Kevin Bracy-Davis made a great performance, scoring 25 and 17 points, respectively, but it wasn’t enough.

Christos Serelis, the head coach of Lavrio, said this win was significant and the team showed reaction after the opening week. On the other hand, the head coach of Rethymno, Stavros Mykoniatis, mentioned that his team will need time to improve things.

Rethymno will search for its first win at home (Crete) against AEK Athens and Lavrio will come across Panathinaikos in OAKA next week.


Rethymno: Best players

Points: Steven Burrt (25), Rebounds: Keith Clanton (12) Assists: Jabril Durham (3)

Lavrio Aegean Cargo: Best players

Points: Dimitris Kaklamanakis (13), Rebounds: Giannis Kouzeloglou (13), Assists: Michalis Loutzis (3)

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M.V.P.s με…Ελληνική υπογραφή! 🔝 Δημήτρης Κακλαμανάκης, Mιχάλης Λούντζης και Γιάννης Κουζέλογλου οι πολυτιμότεροι παίκτες στον αγώνα «Ρέθυμνο Cretan Kings 🆚 Λαύριο Aegean Cargo». ✅ Ο Δημήτρης Κακλαμανάκης σε 29:18’’ είχε 13 πόντους, 12 ριμπάουντ, 2 ασίστ και 2 block. ✅ Ο Μιχάλης Λούντζης σε 28:47’’ είχε 11 πόντους, 4 ριμπάουντ, 3 ασίστ και 1 κλέψιμο. ✅ Ο Γιάννης Κουζέλογλου σε 19:56’’ είχε 11 πόντους, 13 ριμπάουντ και 1 κλέψιμο. ➡ ΠΑΙΚΤΕΣ «ΚΛΕΙΔΙΑ»: • Doron Lamb: 11 πόντοι, 1 ριμπάουντ & 1 ασίστ. • Milan Milosevic: 8 πόντοι, 4 ριμπάουντ, 2 ασίστ & 1 Block. • Silas Melson: 9 πόντοι & 2 ασίστ. 🔛 MVP presented by MEGABOLT

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