On July 6 in Riga, Latvia the sports complex of Grizinkalns gathered the world’s most talented basketball dunk masters. This is the fourth consecutive year, that the Ghetto Games organization in Latvia hosts the most ambitious slam-dunk contest in the world.

Competing under the flag of Canada was last year’s winner Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon.

Jordan is first dunker in the world that has been able to execute the elusive “scorpion” dunk. He is famous for his creativity and the invention and execution of many other revolutionary dunks, like the “Krown dunk” and his winning dunk in the 2016 “Sprite Kings of Air” – “Dubble X”. In Riga he upped the difficulty and performed it by jumping over a car. Jordan admits that his favorite dunk from yesterday’s competition was his very own Scorpion dunk: “I did it in a very strong and firm way as I’ve imagined it to be once perfectly executed. I also really loved Chris Staples dunks – 360 between legs over the motorcycle, “Smoove” from Ukraine, Vadim “Miller” Paddubchenko 180 W dunk and that weird 360 Windmill dunk from the Latvian dunker Kristaps Dargais!”

Raimonds Elbakjans, leader of the street culture and sports movement “Ghetto Games”:

“We are pleased to see Jordan secure his title. Ghetto Games is a place for fair game and I think he won because he had that strong mindset of a reigning champ. He participates in most slam-dunk contests across the globe and is practicing non-stop!”