On Tuesday, July 7 the sports complex of Grizinkalns in Latvia, Riga will host the most anticipated Slam Dunk competition in the world: “Sprite Kings of the Air.”

The event will be streamed live online on the www.spritekingsofair.com website. Eight best basketball dunkers in the world will compete against each other. There will be athletes from the US, Canada, Poland, Ukraine and Latvia. Also the basketball tricks masters “Lords of Gravity” will perform in Riga for the very first time. “Lords of Gravity” recently blew up the social networks around the whole world with their amazing stunts.

“Sprite Kings of Air” in Riga will take place for the third time, but this will be a special event because all the world’s leading competition winners will finally meet in one. This event will also mark Riga and Grizinkalns sports complex along with New York, Paris and Moscow as a street basketball mecca with strong traditions, high quality and strong weekly “Ghetto Basket” tournaments.

The following athletes will compete for the “Sprite Kings of Air” champion title:
– Justin “Jus Fly” Darlington (Canada) – two-time Grizinkalns sports complex champion, as well as the owner of the champion title for countless other of the world-best Slam Dunk contests;
– Rafal “Lipek” Lipinsky (Poland) – “Quai 54” and “Baku 2015 European Games’ winner;
– Dmitry “Smoove” Krivenko (Ukraine) – repeated champion of Ukraine;
– Brandon “Werm” Lacue (USA) – one of the world’s best Slam Dunk masters, who dunks from one foot;
– Jordan “Mission Impossible” Kilganon (Canada) – a world’s sensation and the owner of the elusive „Scorpion Dunk”;
– Ilya “Kroha” Kroshka (Ukraine) – “Moscow Open 2014” winner;
– Porter “What’s Gravity?” Maberry (USA) – the shortest (5.4 feet)professional dunker in the world;
– Kristaps Dārgais (Latvia) – “Moscow Open 2013” champion and the most titled dunker in Latvia, who is especially hungry to win right at home.

The producer of the event Renārs Zeltiņš explains: “Last year, Riga hosted the second best Slam Dunk contest in the world, because the best will happen this year! This is a unique competition because in other events the Slam Dunk contest is an additional activity in between basketball tournaments, but Grizinkalns emphasizes all the attention to the dunkers, who may actually feel like the stars of the show. A Slam Dunk competition at Grizinkalns sports complex will be held for the sixth year and a very special thank you goes to “Sprite”, who provide us with an opportunity to organize this event at a top level for the third year in a row. The fight for the “Sprite Kings of the Air” champion title will be one to witness, because all the competitors are prepared at a very high level and even the smallest mistake can remove one from winning the title.”

One of the most exciting performances of the evening will be performed by the street basketball and trampoline masters “Lords of Gravity” from Hungary. The “Ghetto Games” movement will follow their best traditions and will not go on without special surprises and positive emotions.

The event is organized by Ghetto Family, the main partner – Sprite.

In order to share this unique event and emotions with the world the live stream of the event will be shared online on the www.kingsofair.com website (English language). The broadcast will start at 19.00 (GSM +2)

New York -12:00
Paris – 18:00
Moscow – 19:00