Photo: YouTube screenshot

Draymond Green had to miss Game 3 of the first round series between the Warriors and Kings after being suspended for stomping on Domantas Sabonis.

It was explained by the league that the history of behavior of the four-time NBA champion was taken into consideration when deciding whether to suspend him or not.

The Golden State forward was asked if his suspension means a creation of a new ‘Draymond Rule.’

“[The NBA] created ‘Draymond Rules’ before. That sh*t don’t work,” Green said. “I am still sitting here. Still winning. They created those rules before. They didn’t work. They still don’t work.

“Maybe they did. Draymond won’t be moved by no ‘Draymond Rules.’ I will continue to play the game how I play the game, operate how I operate, be exactly who I am because that leads to winning.

“If I was losing, they wouldn’t be creating ‘Draymond Rules.’ As long as they’re creating ‘Draymond Rules,’ that means we’re winning. And that’s great. They can create as many ‘Draymond Rules’ as they want. That’s beautiful. But that doesn’t change Draymond. So, it is what it is.”