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Draymond Green didn’t hold back in his assessment of Phoenix Suns center Jusuf Nurkic, labeling him as “Big Softie” following the Suns’ playoff elimination.

The feud between Green and Nurkic escalated after a regular-season altercation, which resulted in Green’s suspension and subsequent social media exchanges between the two players.

Nurkic took a jab at the Golden State Warriors after their elimination, prompting Green to seize the opportunity to retaliate.

During an episode of The Draymond Green Show, Green criticized Nurkic’s contributions to his team’s success, suggesting that Nurkic’s attempts to taunt others are unwarranted given his limited impact on game outcomes.

“The tweet may have spoiled even faster from the Big Softie,” Green said. “Yeah, that is all, folks. You got to be really careful when you’re not that successful and you try to take jabs at people.

“When you don’t play a large enough role in your team success, when you can’t really affect the outcome of the game. Like, you can go have 20 rebounds and lose a game.

“When you really don’t affect the outcome of the game, it’s really tough to take jabs at people because you got a jab in there and you an’t affect what your end result is. The Big Softie bowed out.”

Green also used Nurkic’s phrase that was directed at him and turned it around with the reference to the Bosnian center having the worst playoff winning percentage (15%) in NBA history.

“Hope that brother gets the help he needs,” Green wrote on Instagram.

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