With Kawhi Leonard and Paul George being out, Russell Westbrook assumed the role of the leading scorer for the Clippers in Game 4 against the Suns (100-112).

The former league MVP scored team-high 37 points, but it wasn’t enough as the Clippers lost the game and are now on the verge of being eliminated from the playoffs.

Westbrook’s former teammate Kevin Durant, who led the winners in scoring with 31 points, thinks that the way that people view Russ’ game will change after he retires.

“When he retires, people are going to really tell the truth about how they feel about his game,” KD said about Westbrook. “Right now it’s a fun thing to do is to make a joke out of Russ, but the way he’s been playing since he got with Clippers, he’s shown everybody who he really is.”