Kyle Kuzma
Photo: Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Former Los Angeles Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma was sure he was going to the Sacramento Kings in a Buddy Hield deal before he got traded to the Washington Wizards in a deal that brought Russell Westbrook to LA.

The 26-year-old forward admitted he was shocked when a supposedly ‘done deal’ with the Kings did not happen. “I was kinda shocked because I thought I was going to Sac. [The trade for] Buddy Hield, that sh*t was done,” Kuzma said on No Chill with Gilbert Arenas, per Angelo Guinhawa of ClutchPoints. “I’m thinking in my head ‘Okay, well, I’m in Sac’–45-minute flight, not bad. But then out of nowhere, it goes ‘you’re going to Washington.'”

Despite being shocked, Kuzma was very happy with the trade and the opportunity to play alongside Bradley Beal.