LeBron James Kyle Kuzma
Photo: Bleacherreport

Kyle Kuzma was used to being included in trade rumors during his four years with the Los Angeles Lakers. This past summer, the time finally came for him to be traded. The Lakers sent the 26-year-old forward to the Washington Wizards in order to get Russell Westbrook.

Despite being traded by the Lakers, Kuzma says his relationship with LeBron James and the team remained good. He called the team ‘family’ even after the trade.

Via Lee Tran of Fadeaway World:

“It’s all love. All love for sure,” Kuzma said. A couple of days after I got traded, we were hanging out, chilling or whatever.

“I came in as a Laker that’s all I know. It was family from the jump. And even leaving, it was still family. You know getting calls or texts from Jeanie or Rob or equipment managers or people that work the front gate. Everyone is like, ‘Hope you have a successful career. You’re doing this and that.’ So no bitterness, no nothing for sure.”