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Second round to be scrapped from EuroBasket

FIBA Europe has announced that it will shorten its flagship tournament Eurobasket from 2017 onwards. The new rule, which was approved...

EuroBasket – 2nd round, day 2

Group F gets its first day of action at Eurobasket, as the second round continues at the Stozice Arena in Ljubljana. ...

EuroBasket – Day 4

Surprises continued in Day 4 of Eurobasket 2013, when Sweden beat Russia, 81-62, much to the disappointment of the clueless and arrogant new leadership...

Helping the game grow or damaging the game as we know it?

We've had a little over 24 hours or more to think about these new format changes, and I have even been thinking myself on...
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FIBA: EuroBasket every four years from 2017

KUALA LUMPUR (Central Board) – FIBA announced at its Central Board meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, that it will go ahead and implement a...

Mainini: calendar, system of competition and 3×3 our biggest priorities

GENEVA - FIBA will hold its first Central Board meeting of 2012 next weekend (28-29 April) in Rio de Janeiro and there will plenty...

FIBA Europe sticks to Eurobasket every 2 years

The FIBA Europe Board which convened in the Swedish capital, Stockholm, this weekend discussed the new calendar proposal brought forward by the world...

New EuroBasket hosting format in 2015?

The tradition of one country hosting the whole EuroBasket tournament could change in 2015 if the proposal of Jose Luis Saez, the president of...

Slovenia: Trying to overcome the Udrih setback

For a country with only slightly more than two million inhabitants, the number of high-level basketball players Slovenia has been producing over the years...
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