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Giannis Antetokounmpo says ‘basketball came back to Greece’ during EuroBasket

This year's EuroBasket was arguably most star-studded tournament ever with Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic and Luka Doncic being the biggest stars. Greece, led by Giannis,...

Players who stood out at EuroBasket 2022

EuroBasket 2022 was a shocking tournament for which no predictions could be made. Every day of the championship presented at least a couple of...

All-Time Top EuroBasket Scorers: Luka Doncic Joins The List

It is hard to stop Luka Doncic in North America or Europe. The Slovenian guard's most recent EuroBasket 2022 outing against France saw him...

Rudy Gobert after France’s loss in EuroBasket final: “Tonight wasn’t our night but it...

France marched all the way to the final of this year's EuroBasket, but eventually lost to Spain (76-88). Afterwards Rudy Gobert took to Twitter...

Spain back on top of European mountain

Spain can once again add the EuroBasket title to their World Cup crown.

Germany land EuroBasket podium place

Germany finished their EuroBasket campaign on a high as they defeated Poland 82-68 in Berlin on Sunday afternoon.

Bismack Biyombo on EuroBasket 2022 Final: “I only see Spain vs Africa”

Today Spain and France will meet in the final of EuroBasket 2022. The winner will be crowned the strongest team in Europe until the...
FIBA EuroBasket 2025

Spain vs. France: The EuroBasket final we were not expecting, but should have

FIBA World Cup winners Spain and France will contest this year's EuroBasket final in Berlin on Sunday in perhaps one of the most unpredictable rollercoasters we've been part of.

EuroBasket semi-final highlights

Spain and France will reunite their classic EuroBasket rivalry in Berlin on Sunday following the conclusion of Friday's semi-finals.

Polish dreams as they prepare for EuroBasket semi-final

Probable hangovers this morning in Berlin. Definite hangovers in Warsaw and indeed throughout Poland.

EuroBasket highlights (quarter-finals, day 2)

Eight teams shrunk to just four by close of play today (Wednesday), and the semi-final line-up is one that nobody thought possible.

EuroBasket highlights (quarter-finals, day 1)

The EuroBasket quarter-finals began on Tuesday with the road to Sunday's final on the minds of the remaining eight teams.

EuroBasket highlights (Round of 16, day 2)

The EuroBasket quarter-final line-up is complete following the conclusion of one of the most enjoyable Round of 16's in recent memory.

Tears but no fears for Italy

EuroBasket highlights (Round of 16, day 1)

It's straight knockout from here on out at EuroBasket as Berlin welcomes the remaining 16 teams.