Clippers’ Doc Rivers explains why it is ‘so important’ for players to play amid social issues

Doc Rivers LA Clippers
Photo: Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times

Doc Rivers believes the players should be part of the restart of the NBA, because they will be able to make a bigger impact on social issues.

The head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers explained why the players will have a bigger platform to address the social issues in the United States, once the league resumes the season.

“In this case, I believe it’s so important for us to play, I do. I just think at the end of the day you can march and you can work, like most people are marching and working, we can do the same thing.

But, more importantly, it would give us an opportunity. A lot of us won’t have a voice if we don’t play, but I think if were allowed to play, then you will have a voice.

I think we have an opportunity here to not only go and crown a champion, but we have an opportunity as a league to really put out a great message.

There’s going to be a ton of responsibility every day for our guys to say the right thing, and so I love it, and I’m looking forward to it,” Rivers said on the “Flying Coach” podcast with Steve Kerr and Pete Carroll, via Sabreena Merchant of Clips Nation.