Photo: Peter Baba

The San Antonio Spurs announced their participation in The NBA Paris Games 2025, with two regular-season matchups scheduled against the Indiana Pacers in the French capital.

Spurs CEO RC Buford expressed excitement for the opportunity to engage with international fans and honor the team’s legacy on a global scale.

With a rich history of international engagement, the Spurs boast over 50 international players, including seven from France, highlighting their deep connections to the global basketball community.

The upcoming NBA Paris Games 2025 will mark the Spurs’ fourth and fifth appearances in France, building upon previous games played in Paris in 2003 and 2006, as well as one in Lyon in 2006.

Details regarding ticket sales, venue, game times, and surrounding events will be disclosed at a later date, with fans encouraged to register their interest for tickets and access to presale information via