Olympiacos continues his winning streak, Panathinaikos remains top of the league and the excitement builds for all 14 teams.Full round-up of the 6th week of the Greek League below

Kolossos Rhodes- AO Trikala 76-72

Kolossos recorded their first win this season against Trikala, but this was not enough for their coach Vassilis Fragias, who was fired after 3 season at the team. The home side started very well, scored 30 points at the end of the 1st quarter (30-12), scored even more by the end of the half (52-37) and generally dominated the court.Trikala’s defence was weak both inside the paint and outside the arc, but Kolossos did not manage to hold on to their lead. The 3rd quarter was catastrophic for them because they lost their lead, by the end of it they were in front by 10 (63-53) but most important, they lost their focus and offensive flow. During the 4th, Trikala made the comeback and even got in front 70-67.Finally, Kolossos determination and Stefanidis 4/4 free throws gave him his first win for this season.Tsamis scored 17, Osby 14 with 5 rebounds, and Ewing Jr scored 14 with 6 rebounds for Trikala.

Ilissiakos-A.E.Nea Kifissia 71-65

Kifissia started the game strong, had good offensive flow and took a quick lead 3-8, that maintaned throughout the 1st quarter, without being threatened from the opponent side.The quarter ended 18-26.From the first moments of the 2nd, Ilissiakos tried to cut the lead, by pressing full-court and adjusting a quiker pace offensively.They managed to end the quarter trailing by 2 (37-39), a score that gave the home side a boost for the second half. The lead was changing hands all the time, but at the 26th minute, AENK had a 6-0 run that put them in front 48-44. Ilissiakos tried to regain the lead but only managed to close the 3rd trailing by 2 again (51-53).

The start of the 4th quarter was a defense-based one, with both sides trying to avoid receiving easy points.An offensive crescento ,2 minutes before the buzzer, gave Ilissiakos a huge win, even though they were not good in general, they faced a very forgiving opponent that never managed to secure the win when they could.MVP was Anderson, while for the away side, Tsaldaris and Barlos were the ones that made the difference.

Ikaros Chalkidas- K.A.O. Dramas 89-73

Ikaros managed to win for second time this season, but the most important for them is that their Americans had another good game, which means they start to blend more and help their side. The first quarter was a close one with the two teams trying to identify their opponent’s weaknesses. The first 10 minutes came to an end with Ikaros being in front 20-18. Asca was very solid for the home side, scoring and defending, bringing his team to a +6 lead by the end of the half,39-33.

The difference kept growing bigger, since the away side was not defending well outside the arc, giving Ikaros the chance to score easily outside the paint. All these easy points extended the gap to 9, 62-53 by the passing of 30 minutes of basketball. Finally KAOD run out of energy, allowing Ikaros to have an easy 4th quarter and finally walk away with the win 89-73. Asca scored 27, dominating inside the paint.On the other side, for KAOD  Jones scored 19p.

PAOK- Panelefsiniakos 81-72 e.t. (63-63)

PAOK needed two overtimes and 50 minutes of basketball in order to finally beat Panelefsiniakos in Pylaia Sports Arena.The away side showed their intentions from early on at the game, since they managed to take the lead at the end of the first quarter 18-21, catching PAOK off-guard. However the home team stepped up quickly, allowed Panelefsiniakos only 9 points, but scored only 9 too, maintaining the difference at the same levels 27-30.

PAOK made the difference during the 3rd quarter, taking the lead 49-42, but despite their strong quarter, the visitors did not lost their patience, not allowing their opponent to get a bigger lead.Two free throws from Faye sent the game to extra time.The same player could have been the hero for his team if he had managed to score the last free throw of the 1st extra time, but he only scored one, taking the game to another 5-minute extra period.Soulis Markopoulos’ team grabbed the chance given and with a 12-3 run, took the win, in one of the most exciting games of the season. MVP was Cooper for PAOK who scored 16p and grabbed 10 rebounds.For Elefsina, the veteran Papamakarios was the frontman of a great attempt his team made.

Panathinaikos- Panionios 90-65

The game between the two first teams of the League was not exactly a thriller, since Panionios only managed to hold on to the game for only one half.”Neosmyrniotes” did not defend well but had McCollum in great shape, allowing the away side to stay close to the score at the end of the first quarter (22-16).Panathinaikos kept underestimating their opponent, who was concentrated, defended well and managed to balance their weakness inside the paint with good ball movement and right offensive choices.The half came to a close 40-36, but the 3rd quarter was exactly what Panathinaikos needed. Both Gist and Lasme were dominating inside the paint at both ends, Panionios had no solution and the quarter came to a close 64-46.

At the half of the 3rd everyone was shoked from Lasme’s injury that seemed to be serious, but in the end it turned out to be a pulled knee, that may keep him sidelined for 1 week. The 4th quarter had no interest since Panionios was tired and never managed to return.MVP was Gist with 17 points, and for the away side, Saloustros had 9, with 3/6 3-pointers and 8 rebounds.

A.G.O.Rethymno-Olympiacos 79-103

Olympiacos faced no difficulty against AGOR,but the fans walked away satisfied since the game was very entertaining beause both sides produced some great plays.AGOR only managed to stay relatively close to the score during the first quarter (12-23) From then on Olympiacos played some very athletic defense forcing many turnovers, and finally took a good lead 33-51 by the end of the half.

The second part of the game was full of great plays that got the crowd to their feet, but it was clear that Olympiacos had secured the win.Man of the match was Stratos Perperoglou who sored 20 points grabbed 5 rebounds, had 2 assists and one steal.Before the jump-ball, Brent Petway was awarded from the team that brought him to the Greek League, since it was the first time he returns to Creta as an opponent.Of course the fans welcomed him with a standing ovation.

Apollon Patras- Aris 76-78

Apollon returned from the -18 but did not manage to take the win, against a very patient and well-organised Aris team for the biggest part of the game.The away side focused on their offense early on, closing the 1st quarter in front 18-24. Aris kept playing strong defense, forcing Bolds out of the game and closing the half strong 33-42.

During the 3rd quarter the away side took a +18 lead (36-54). From then on Apollon started their comeback, defending full-court, taking advantage of Aris’ players inexperience and their fans enthusiasm.However Aris had 5-0 run and walked away with the win, forcing Apollon to lose for first time at their homecourt this season.Vezenkov had an astonishing match scoring 25 points (5/5 3p. and 7 rebs).Hill was the best player for Apollon who had Bolds, their star player, in bad shape 3/18 field goals.