Photo: James Devaney / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty

Rapper Fat Joe is a huge Knicks fan. Understandably, he is concerned with the way his favorite team is playing.

In an interview to Eric Woodyard of The Undefeated, he said the Knicks will not turn it around this year. Fat Joe also suggested for the Knicks to hire somebody who really knows the game, maybe even himself:

“They ain’t turning nothing around this year. Maybe they need to get Fat Joe as an assistant coach and stop playing. They need to get somebody who really knows the game. Let it be known, I’m applying for the job.”

Fat Joe also revealed that was trying to recruit Kyrie Irving to New York. Despite the effort, Irving just didn’t want to play for the Knicks:

“I was all over Kyrie Irving. He just didn’t want to play for the Knicks.”

“I get on my knees and I beg, ‘Please, we need you, we love you. You don’t understand. Please!’ Kyrie’s the man and Brooklyn fans are cool. The people over at the Barclays Center and the organization, they’re really good people. I can’t talk bad about them, but it’s not the same as playing for the Knicks. No way, no how. He made a mistake. He’ll see it in the future.”