Joe Ingles: “Hopefully, we can be the first team to bring a medal back to Australia”

Joe Ingles Australia FIBA
Photo: FIBA

Joe Ingles talked about the goals of Australia in the upcoming Basketball World Cup as well as his feelings of playing for the national team.

Here is what the forward of the Utah Jazz told FIBA:

On the target of Australia in the Basketball World Cup: “It’s going to be exciting. We’ll have a lot of support there, and hopefully, we can be the first team to bring a medal back to Australia.

With the team that we’ve got – that we will have – we’re going to be confident. We believe. Even the last couple of tournaments we’ve been to, we were right there. For me and our team, when we play for our country, we take tremendous pride in that.

We’re not representing one person, we are representing 23 million people or whatever we got in Australia right now. We know that everyone there is watching us, either at the game or at home, and you can feel it.”

On his feelings every time he plays for the national team: “Competing for Australia is why I started playing the game. Growing up, I wanted to represent Australia. That was all I wanted to do. The NBA, and even playing professionally in Australia seemed so far at the time.

Watching Australia at the Olympics and the World Cups was what I watched, what we got to see in Australia. The first time putting on that jersey was special. Wearing the colors, the name…it’s just something that you can’t get anywhere else.

I love playing the NBA, I loved playing in Europe, but putting on the colors and the name on the jersey, there’s just really nothing that compares to that.”