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Kolossos Rodes H Hotels ( 13th place)- Panionios B.C. ( 10th place ): 106-109 

Quarters: 23-21, 44-44, 71-61, 91-91, 106-109 extra time

Venue: Venetokleio Indoor Hall

Referees: Koromilas- Tzafleris- Pantelidis

MVP: Davon Berry 

Kolossos had a great start in the first minutes ( 14-6), but Panionios was determined. This is the main factor why the score was equalized in the halftime ( 44-44). Stevie Browning mainly and Kolossos performance overall was very good in the third quarter and the team eho coached by Koufos led by 10 points ( 71-61). The team from Rodes was in the lead with 14 points after Dimakis shot. ( 76-62), but Berry mainly and Dorsey was excellent and they equalized the match ( 91-91). In the extra time Panionios won the match by 3 points (106-109). 

Kolossos Rodes H Hotels ( 13th place)best players : Points: Stevie Browning ( 23  points) , Rebound: JayVaughn Pinkston  ( 13 rebounds) , Assist: Stevie Browning ( 7 assists)

Panionios B. C. best players : Points: Davon Berry ( 30 points) , Rebound: Davon Berry ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Nontas Papantoniou ( 6 assists)

Kolossos Rodes H Hotels ( 13th place) will travel to Piraeus to play against Olympiacos B.C. ( 2nd place)* next week, whereas Panionios B.C. ( 10th place ) will host Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 6th place) in the 22nd gameweek. 

Paok B.C. ( 4th place) -Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C. (11th place) : 99-88

Quarters: 27-17, 59-38, 76-59, 99-88

Venue: PAOK Sports Arena ( Palataki)

Referees: Schinas- Theonas- Kalogeropoulos

MVP: Johndre Jefferson

Paok was better from the first mintutes ( 27-17 in the first quarter) mainly with Johndre Jefferson and Antonis Koniaris. Paok ruled the match especially in the second ( 59-38) and ( 76-59) in the third quarter. Charalambopoulos and Milocevic made a great attempt for the team who coached by Serelis ( Lavrio) ( 74-59). Lavrio tried to equalize the match ( 81-72), but Paok won the match ( 99-88).

Paok B.C. ( 4th place) best players : Points: Johndre Jefferson ( 18 points) , Rebound:  Johndre Jefferson ( 9 rebounds) , Assist: Antonis Koniaris ( 8 assists)

Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C. (11th place) best players : Points: Vasilis Charalambopoulos ( 19 points) , Rebound: MIlan Milocevic  ( 6 rebounds) , Assist:Zamal Nixon  (4 assists)

Paok B.C.( 4th place) will face KAE Panathinaikos Opap B.C. (1st place) on the road next week and Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C. (11th place) will come across Aek Athens (3rd place) at home for the 22nd gameweek. 

Holargos B.C. ( 8th place) – Kymis B.C. ( 12th place): 73-66

Quarters: 23-16, 38-35, 52-47, 73-66

Venue: Antonis Tritsis Indoor Hall

Referees: Papapetrou- Manglogiannis- Malamas

MVP: Vladimir Jankovic

Holargos had a grear start with Jankovic and Agbelese mainly in the first quarter ( 12-2) and the team from Athens was in the lead by 7 points ( 23-16) in the end of the first quarter. Holargos hold the leading in 15 minutes ( 32-24), but Kymis made a succesful attempt to equalize the match with an 2-10 i a row ( 34-34). The score at a halftime was 38-35.  In the third quarter the score was so close ( 46-45) and Holargos players incresed the gap ( 52-47), but Kymis answered and the team from Euboia took the lead with 1 point ( 55-56). Holargos with 4 concecutive points of Jankovic regained the lead and Talton shot with 2 concecutive 3p from Okereafor gave the win for Holargos B.C. ( 73-66). 

Holargos B.C. ( 8th place) best players : Points: Garry Talton ( 18 points) , Rebound:  Toarlyn Fitzpatrick ( 16 rebounds) , Assist:  Teddy Okereafor ( 4 assists)

Kymis B.C. ( 12th place) best players : Points: Scott Saggs ( 18 points) , Rebound: Chris Horton  ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Vaidas Kariniaouskas  (5 assists)

Holargos B.C. ( 8th place) will face Hfaistos Limnou ( 7th place) on the road next week, whereas Kymis B.C. ( 12th place) will host Rethymno Cretan Kings ( 14th place) for the 22nd game week.

Aek Athens ( 3rd place) – Aris Thessalonikis ( 9th place): 81-73

Quarters: 21-14, 43-37, 60-55, 81-73

Venue: ΟΑΚΑ Indoor Hall

Referees: Manos- Diamantis-Lortos

MVP: Giannoulis Larentzakis

Aek made a impressive start in the first quarter ( 10-3), but Kastritis called a time-out an ” woke up” his players. With 6 points from Sakota Aek was in the lead by 7 points in the end of the first quarter ( 21-14). Although Larentzakis scored a 3p (24-14), McGhee and Dallo had an amazing performance and they  achieved to tie the match ( 37-37). The score of halftime was 43-37 and Aek regained the lead. A 3p from Sant-Roos was very importand for Aek (51-44), but Toliopoulos and Kayzer was the main factor why Aris was near for second time to tie up the match ( 51-50). Theodore injury multiple the Banki’s problems, but Aek was in the lead by 5 points ( 60-55) in the end of the third quarter. Larentzakis and Sakota finally found the way for Aek with an 10-0 in a row and Aek won the match ( 81-73). Garry McGhee was excellent and he had a great performance 

Aek Athens ( 3rd place) best players : Points: Giannoulis Larentzakis ( 21 points) , Rebound:  Dusan Sakota ( 8 rebounds) , Assist:  Delroy James ( 4 assists)

 Aris Thessalonikis ( 9th place) best players : Points: Garry McGhee ( 23 points) , Rebound: Garry McGhee ( 11 rebounds) , Assist: Ramon Harris  (3 assists)

Aek Athens ( 3rd place) will face Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C. (11th place) on the road next week and Aris Thessalonikis ( 9th place) will come across Promitheas Patras ( 5th place) at home for the 22nd gameweek.

Promitheas Patras ( 5th place) – Hfaistos Limnou ( 7th place): 73-68

Quarters: 21-20, 42-38, 57-60, 73-68.

Venue: Dimitris Tofalos Arena

Referees: G.Poursanidis- Psarianos- Kardaris

MVP: Terell Parks

Promitheas Patras ( 5th place) was in the lead and the team from Patra had a great performance in the first quarter with an 9-2 in a row ( 19-11), but Hfaistos Limnou answered in the end of the first quarter ( 21-20).  Promitheas Patras had 11-0 in a row ( 39-26), but Hfaistos Limnou with the great performance of Tyrone Brazelton and  Sean Evans tried to equalize the match again. The score at halftime was 42-38. The team who coached by Sotiris Manolopoulos had an 0-11 in a row ( 52-58) in the third quarter and Hfaistos Limnou led by 6 points ( 60-66) in the first three minutes of the third quarter. Hfaistos Limnou missed many shots and Promitheas regained the lead. Finally, Promitheas won  Hfaistos Limnou with 5 points (( 73-68).

Promitheas Patras ( 5th place) best players : Points: Terell Parks ( 13 points) , Rebound: Terell Parks  ( 13 rebounds) , Assist: Oleksander Lypovy ( 6 assists)

Hfaistos Limnou ( 7th place) best players : Points: Tyrone Brazelton ( 14 points) , Rebound: Sean Evans ( 10 rebounds) , Assist: Sean Evans  (4 assists)

Promitheas Patras ( 5th place) will travel to Thessaloniki to play against Aris Thessalonikis ( 9th place) next week, whereas Hfaistos Limnou ( 7th place) will try to bounce back by hosting Holargos B.C. ( 8th place)  in Myrina Limnos for the 22nd gameweek.