Greek Basket league 18th gameweek

Basketball Champions League
Photo: Basketball Champions League

Hfaistos Limnou B.C. ( 7th place) – Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 4th place) : 77 -73

Quarters: 18-21, 37-31, 58-47, 77-73. 

Venue: Nikos Samaras Indoor Hall ( Myrina Lesvos)

Referees: Koromilas – Mpitis – Zacharis

MVP: Dimitris Xaritopoulos 

Hfaistos Limnou won a significant match at home with a very difficult opponent. In the first quarter Peristeri was in the lead by 3 points mainly with the points of Gaios Skordilis . The amazing performance of Ifaistos Limnou mainly with Xaritopoulos, Sean Evans, Toddrick Evans and Roland Freimans was the main factor to explain Hfaistos Limnou leading. Peristeri had a 16-6 run in the fourth quarter ( 64-63). In the end, Hfaistos Limnou answered with a Freimanis 6-0 run. Vasilopoulos for Peristeri missed a 3p shot and the team from Myrina of Lesvos won the match. 

Hfaistos Limnou B.C. players= Points: Toddrick Gotcher ( 13 points),  Rebounds: Dimitris Xaritopoulos  ( 7 rebounds), Assists: Tyrone Brazelton ( 5 assists)

Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. players= Points: Gaios Skordilis ( 22 points),  Rebounds: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos ( 8 rebounds), Assists: Panagiotis Vasilopoulos ( 5 assists)

Hfaistos Limnou B.C. ( 7th place) will travel to Thessaloniki to play against Paok Thessalonikis ( 5th place) next week, whereas Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 4th place) will face Aris Thessalonikis ( 9th place)  in the 19th game week.

Aris Thessalonikis B.C. ( 9th place) – Kolossos Rodes H Hotels B.C. ( 14th place): 75-81 

Quarters: 19-17, 43-32, 62-57, 75-81                    

Venue: Nick Galis Hall ( Alexandeion Melathron)

Referees: Anastopoulos – Psarianos – Ksenikakis

MVP: Slaven Cupkovic
Aris was in the lead in the three quarters, but Kolossos Rodes returned from ( -17) and won the match mainly with the 22 points of the Aris ex-player Slaven Cupkovic. The  “yellow fighters” wasn’t good in the second half, this is way Aris lost this match.

Aris Thessalonikis B.C. players= Points: Vasilis Toliopoulos ( 15 points),  Rebounds: Gary McGhee ( 6 rebounds), Assists:  Borris Dallo ( 4 assists)

Kolossos Rodes H Hotels B.C. players= Points: Slaven Cupkovic ( 22 points),  Rebounds: JayVaughn ( 8 rebounds), Assists: Quincy Diggs ( 4 assists)

Aris Thessalonikis B.C. ( 9th place) will face Peristeri Bikos Cola B.C. ( 4th place) on the road next week and Kolossos Rodes H Hotels B.C. ( 14th place) will come across Lavrio Aegean Cargo B.C. ( 10th place) at home for the 19th game week.

Kymis B.C. ( 11th place) – Paok B.C. ( 5th place): 73-90

Quarters:19-22, 34-46, 41-72, 73-90  

Venue: Tasos Kabouris Kanithou Indoor Hall ( Chalcis)               

Referees: Manos -Tzafleris – Vardalos

MVP: Linos Chrysikopoulos

Paok was in the lead from the start and finally won Kymis B.C. with 17 points ( 73-90). Chrysikopoulos, Tepic and Jefferson had a great performance for Paok and they scored a lot of points.

Kymis B.C. players= Points: JeQuan Lewis ( points),  Rebounds: DeVaughn Washington ( 9 rebounds), Assists: JeQuan Lewis ( assists)

Paok B.C. players= Points: Linos Chrysikopoulos ( 29 points),  Rebounds: Johndre Jefferson ( 7 rebounds), Assists: Vaggelis Margaritis ( 8 assists)

Kymis B.C. ( 11th place) will face Aek Athens ( 3rd place) on the road next week, whereas Paok B.C. ( 5th place) will host Hfaistos Limnou ( 7th place) at home. 

Promitheas Patras B.C. ( 6th place)– Rethymno Cretan Kings B.C. ( 13th place): 86-81

Quarters: 21-19, 40-40, 65-63, 76-76 , 86-81 ( extra time)     

Venue: Dimitris Tofalos Arena, Patra        

Referees: Karakatsounis – Kaldiris – Pitsilkas

MVP: Christos Saloustros

The score was so close from the start of the match to the end of extra time. Although Rethymno had a great performance, because the team from Crete want wins to avoid the relegation, but Promitheas won the match with 5 points in the end of the extra time.

Promitheas Patras B.C. players= Points: Leonidas Kaselakis ( 17 points),  Rebounds: Terell Allen Parks ( 11 rebounds), Assists: Nikos Gkikas ( 7 assists)

Rethymno Cretan Kings B.C. players= Points: ( 16 points),  Rebounds: ( 11 rebounds), Assists: ( 4 assists)

Promitheas Patras B.C. ( 6th place) will face Holargos B.C. ( 8th place) next week, whereas Rethymno Cretan Kings B.C. ( 13th place) will host Panionios ( 12th place) . 

Holargos B.C. ( 8th place) – Aek Athens B.C. ( 3rd place) : 70-81

Quarters:18-24, 41-41, 58-63, 70-81     

Venue: Antonis Tritsis Indoor Hall ( Cholargos, Athens)                

Referees: Sxinas – Stamatopoulos – Lortos

MVP: Jonas Maciulis

Aek Athens was in the lead except in the end of the halftime and the BCL holders won Holargos  with 11 points ( 70-81).  Maciulis made a great performance like Sakota and Theodore, who got injured in this match. Jankovic was the best player for Holargos, but he wasn’t enough for the team from Athens to win the match

Holargos B.C. players= Points: Vladimiros Jankovic ( 17 points),  Rebounds:Vladimiros Jankovic ( 5 rebounds), Assists: Javontae Hawkins (4  assists)

Aek Athens B.C. players= Points: Jonas Maciulis ( 16 points),  Rebounds: Jonas Maciulis ( 7 rebounds), Assists: Howard Sant-Roos ( 5 assists)

Holargos B.C. ( 8th place) will face Promitheas Patras B.C. ( 6th place) on the road next week, whereas Aek Athens B.C. ( 3rd place) will host Kymi B.C. for the 19th gameweek.