Pau Gasol congratulates Goran Dragic after Slovenia's win over Spain. Photo: FIBA

Greek Basketball Federation president Giorgos Vassilokopoulos has seemingly hit out at European nations for allowing NBA players to represent them in international competition.

In a conversation with a radio station in Greece, Vassilokopoulos believed that the NBA is the key to national team wins, not playing as a team.

“The bosses don’t allow their players to play in the national team, it’s not coincidental that EuroLeague increases the games,” says Vassilokopoulos

“Then the player himself comes and says that he can’t pull through and the first thing he does is abandoning the national team. National team success brings people (in the sport) not club success.”

“This isn’t a Greek phenomenon but a European one. There are good and bad General Managers that allow or don’t allow the players (to play in the national teams). NBA determines who will be European champion. Just take a closer look at Slovenia the team that won the EuroBasket. Who were missing from Italy or France? They (NBA) indirectly determine who will be European champion.Spain is a team in decay. (Pau) Gasol has already filled out the stamps for a retirement fund and they let him play. Gasol isn’t a player.”