Dinamo Sassari forward Dusko Savanovic has said that playing under his former coach at Bayern Munich Svetislav Pesic was one of the worst decisions that he has ever made.

The 33-year-old, who spent two years with Bayern before heading to Italy did not hold back when talking about the veteran coach, who left the German side in July 2016 due to health reasons.

Speaking to Serbian media outlet MVP.rs, Savanovic told a story from last year about his father passing away but Pesic seemingly not being sympathetic towards the personal matter.

“My father died during games three and four of the 2015 Finals in Germany, Savanovic recalled.

“I stayed with the team to play the fourth game, which we won to tie the series 2-2. I went to the funeral two days before game five and I managed to come back in time for the match. I played pretty bad, without scoring any points and ultimately we lost by Brose Bamberg which won the title.”

It was a low point for Savanovic but instead of support, the focus centred around his performance.

“Since the next season began, coach Pesic has been talking to me about my performance in that match and how bad it was,” Savanovic explained.

“The last time I played for him was at the start of the 2016 playoffs. They told the media that I was injured, but I could not say otherwise. This all happened in order for him to be personally protected.

“I don’t know what caused him to behave like this. You’ll have to ask him. What bothers me is that the media present one story, but the truth might be different. Playing for Pesic was the worst decision of my career. But we all make mistakes. Sometimes deliberately, sometimes accidentally. But life goes on.”