Being accepted at a good university with a full basketball scholarship is a lot of people’s dream. You might have the same dream right about now and may be thinking about ways to turn that dream into a reality. The truth is, getting a full scholarship as a basketball player is a dream that you can realize for sure. These next few tips will help you improve your chances of getting the scholarship of your dreams in a few simple steps.

Play More National-Level Games and Competitions

Before you apply for a basketball scholarship – or further, before you start college – try to take part in more competitions. The best way to show off your basketball skills is by competing in large events and national-level competitions. The more games you play, the more chances you have of being seen by a coach (or coaches) from top universities.

It is not a secret that coaches and recruiting agents are watching national games closely. High school players get approached very often after a large competition, especially when they play well and contribute a lot to the team.

You may even get an offer on the spot, especially if you are really good at what you do. Before entering a competition, train hard and get ready to do your best.

Teamwork and Individual Skills

Shaping your basketball skills and sharpening your instincts as a player are both very important. In order to perform well on the court, you need to be able to move instinctively. The only way you can get to that level is by training hard and training smart. You should consider training with a professional coach – or getting more help from your high school team’s coach – in order to push yourself further.

The playing field is filled with players who are competing for the same scholarships. There is one thing that a lot of your competitions may forget: teamwork. This is where you can set yourself apart from the rest. Individual skills are important, but it is also important to show that you can function well as a team member, especially when you are competing at a national level.

Don’t Stop Pushing

The best time to get a basketball scholarship is as soon as you graduate high school. That said, you can continue to pursue a scholarship and have the same chances of getting one as the other applicants until up to two years after graduation. The important thing to remember here is to never give up; don’t stop pushing.

If you can’t find the right spot on your graduation year, try harder. As long as you are still in the 18 – 24 age range, you have every chance of landing a good scholarship deal and a chance to play basketball in college.

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