After this season’s fiasco regarding Italian sides’ participation in European competition, the FIP [Italian Basketball Federation] and FIBA will meet within the next week to try and resolve the matter.

This summer, due to their allegiance with FIBA, the FIP forced Italian sides Pallacanestro Reggiana, Aquila Basket Trento, Dinamo Sassari and Pallacanestro Cantù to withdraw from the EuroLeague Basketball-run EuroCup competition and threatened the teams with domestic league suspension, leaving the aforementioned four teams no choice but to play in the Basketball Champions League, which is run by FIBA.

Of those four clubs, only Dinamo Sassari have opted to play in the inaugural Champions League this season. Varese and Sidigas Avellino are the other Italian teams included.

But with Rome no longer in contention to host the 2024 Olympic Games Games and with the vote of FIBA President Patrick Baumann no longer necessary for Italy, the clubs are likely to be free to choose the competition they want to play in from the 2017-2018 season.

Source: Il Corriere dello Sport.