Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

Ioannis Papapetrou had the tough season with Panathinaikos, coach Ergin Ataman was using his as a three and four, but also he had injury and surgery that he needed to recover from.

“I think I did this through all my career. I am doing the same from many years now and I knew that all I need to do is get back in the shape after my injury and after my surgery. I have done that and I think I was ready”, said Ioannis who knew his team didn’t start the game as they planned, but no one will remember how they started, but who won the championship.

“Against Real we didn’t start well, they were better in the first half but all because we weren’t defending our basket properly. They made some shots that gave them confidence, but we never stopped fighting. We were always trying to get closer, not to give them chance to get comfortable. I think at the first half we managed at least that. In the second half, it was a different story, our defense was on the level we are well-known for, maybe even our best defense this season. And with that our final goal was reached”, continued Ioannis, whose father was also playing for the Greens, but never won the EuroLeague’s trophy.

“Yes, my father played for Panathinaikos, but he didn’t win this. I am so happy I took one for the family. I would let him touch this trophy, but I won’t give it to him. This stays with me!”