Photo: EuroLeague Basketball

After defeating Fenerbahce in the first EuroLeague Final 4 Semi-Final game (73-57), Ioannis Papapetrou from Panathinaikos, was more then trilled about the fans in the Uber Arena.

“This was an amazing night, amazing win. I am really happy and proud for the team, we fight together and made it to the Finals”,
said Ioannis whose team allowed Fenerbahce to score only 57 points.

“This is basketball, it is a game of runs. We started great, they came back and fought. But we rejected their attacks. I am very happy we played defense at this level. We had a great communication at the court and the final result was the product of that defense. We didn’t back down and score a big win tonight”, continued Papapetrou who shined when his team needed him.

In one moement Ioannis Papapetrou celebrated after the points and Nick Calathes was offended and made personal foul against Papapetrou.

Nick is my guy. During the games a lot of tension will happen, but he is my guy. I love Nick. During the game, with all the passes we have and everybody trying to compete for their teams. Maybe we lost our focus, I have never wanted to do anything to harm anybody or to do anything against somebody else. When I celebrate, I celebrate only for my team and myself. Nick was offended by it, but I no heard feelings there. And like I said it before, Nick is my brother”.

Ioannis was moved by the crowd that was supporting his team and wanted to emphasized that fans were with them also in the key moments of the match.

“Did you see our crowd?! They were amazing, they were behind us and supported us during the whole game. We could here them especially in those moments when game was even. They made amazing atmosphere. They were just amazing and I want to thanks them”, finished Ioannis whose Panathinaikos is the first finalist in Berlin.