Photo: Los Angeles Clippers/Twitter

Kawhi Leonard has unveiled a new look, cutting his iconic braids, a bold move for the Los Angeles Clippers superstar.

The two-time NBA champion’s fresh appearance was first spotted by photographer Cassy Athena at the Tank Davis vs. Frank Martin boxing match.

Leonard’s braids have been a staple throughout his NBA career, making this change significant. Basketball fans might see Leonard sporting his new look this summer as he is part of the Team USA squad for the 2024 Paris Olympics.

However, Leonard’s participation in the Olympics is uncertain due to his ongoing knee issues. If Leonard is unable to play, Boston Celtics guard Derrick White is expected to replace him on the national team.

Leonard’s new hairstyle has already sparked conversation among fans. The forward’s decision to change his look comes as a surprise to many, given how synonymous his braids were with his on-court persona.

This transformation could symbolize a new chapter for Leonard as he prepares for the upcoming season and potentially the Olympics. The Clippers’ star forward has always been known for his unique style and presence both on and off the court.