Photo: Phoenix Suns/Twitter

In the wake of Frank Vogel’s departure and Mike Budenholzer’s appointment as head coach of the Phoenix Suns, significant changes are underway as the team prepares for the upcoming season.

According to Chris Haynes, the Suns have decided not to retain the coaching staff assembled under former head coach Frank Vogel.

Vogel’s coaching staff, which includes several notable assistants, received the news of their departure as Budenholzer assumes leadership of the team.

Among the assistants affected by the decision are Kevin Young, David Fizdale, Quinton Crawford, Miles Simon, Greg St. Jean, John Lucas III, Dru Anthrop, and Jon Pastorek.

The Suns’ decision to overhaul the coaching staff comes as part of the team’s efforts to usher in a new era under Budenholzer’s leadership.