Photo: Indiana Pacers/X

Indiana Pacers acquired Pascal Siakam from the Toronto Raptors for crucial moments like Sunday’s game at the sold-out Garden. The veteran forward has experience in Eastern Conference semifinal Game 7s, having won against Philadelphia on the way to the 2019 title and losing to Boston the following year.

“It’s gritty. Both teams are going to play hard. It’s going to be hard,” said Siakam, who could take advantage of an injured Josh Hart (abdomen) on Sunday.

“It’s a lot of things that’s going to happen, and as long as you stay focused within the game plan and play with energy, the hardest-playing team usually wins these games. 

“It’s going to take everything. A lot of crazy stuff’s going to happen, just got to stay within what we do, and as long as you come into the game with pure energy and playing as hard as you can, stay together.

“That’s the most important. … We’ve just got to manage it, stay together. That’s the main thing that I’ll be preaching to the guys is just bring your energy and bring everything.”