Open to all and free of charge, Hoop District is 3×3 with an edge

Designed for the digital age, Hoop District is a brand-new Euroleague Basketball 3×3 competition that brings together content creators from all around Europe to compete on & off the court and fight for a €10,000 cash prize. And you don’t want to miss it when it comes to Berlin as part of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Final Four!

Team London will be led on the court by Behrad Bakhtiari & Denzel Kazembe, Team Berlin’s captain will be Sebastian Mechseiner, Team Barcelona will have in Oriol Tres its floor general and finally, the All Star Team will have a main figure in Jamad Hussean.

Hoop District is part of Euroleague Off Court – a fusion of basketball, art, streetwear, fashion and music. The Hoop District tournament will take place on Thursday, May 23 from 16:00-21:00 CEST at Kraftwerk Berlin, which is also the home site of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague FanZone. In addition to the Barcelona and London teams that qualified from the Paris Hoop District tournament in March, Team Berlin and an all-star team will also compete at this week’s big event.

With teams captained by recognizable social media personalities and content creators, Hoop District features unique 3×3 game rules called designed to keep everyone – players, fans, viewers and even referees – constantly engaged throughout swings in the action and the scoreboard. In addition to the standard one- and two-point shots, several novel scenarios called Power Ups may be activated during Hoop District games.

These Power Ups, which include taking a deep three-pointer, getting double points on possessions, no-dribble possessions, and challenging an opponent one-on-one, add strategy and excitement to the games. Teams may use up to two Power Ups per game. .

In addition to the Hoop District event, there will also be a slam-dunk contest, a dance performance, a DJ spinning live music and many more activities. Join us for a basketball event like no other!

Source: EuroLeague Press Release